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Rosamund Pike's airhead attraction in 'An Education'

From Press Association:

Rosamund Pike loved playing an airhead in her latest film.

The former Bond girl stars alongside Emma Thompson, Dominic Cooper, Peter Sarsgaard and Sally Hawkins in An Education, based on the novel by Nick Hornby.

Rosamund said: "The film that I am part of is set in the 1960s, set in 1962 written by Nick Hornby. We had a wonderful time making it and it's just become this hit at Sundance. It's amazing - I mean it couldn't have happened to a nicer film. I love Nick's work, he really makes me laugh.

"It was great because I get to play someone who is sort of a total airhead, I mean she is a really loveable ditz and it was just a lot of fun to do a comedy. I think it's one of those films that's hit the zeitgeist I think amongst a whole lot of rather ponderous films, it's just something that people can sort of think "oh I really enjoyed that, that's just what I want a bit of escapism."

Rosamund was speaking at the Costa Book Awards, where she was on the judging panel.

She said: "It is very hard, it's very hard to pit something you know that is so ambitious as the Sebastian Barry book against something so finely crafted and small you know like Adam Fall's poetry which is beautiful."



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