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FYC Ads: Frost/Nixon for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor for Matthew Macfadyen

With much early Oscar buzz, early rave reviews, and its limited theatrical release (as early as tomorrow and eventually everywhere on December 25th)... Awards Daily has already added Frost/Nixon For Your Consideration Ads (FYC) that were advertised from Variety and Hollywood Reporter magazines to promote the film for the upcoming Golden Globe Award Nominations (and possibly even other award shows such as SAG and the Oscars as well), which will be announced December 11th.

For Your Consideration: Frost Nixon
(in all categories including Best Picture)

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[source: Awards Daily]

For Your Consideration: Matthew Macfadyen for Best Supporting Actor

Universal Pictures
has recently launched a promotional website for 5 of their released pictures this year where Frost/Nixon is one of them. Check out the Universal Pictures Awards site including the For Your Consideration page where they included Matthew Macfadyen on their list of Best Supporting Actor.



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