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Picture Comparison: The Bennet Family (P&P '05 vs. P&P '95)

The Bennet Family:
Pride & Prejudice 2005 vs. Pride and Prejudice 1995

I've seen both the 2005 and 1995 versions of P&P. I know I may be biased here as obviously, this blog is mainly all about the 2005 version, but even if it isn't...I would still post my opinion and based on how I see them. You may or may not agree with me, but that's why we all have our own personal preferences, doesn't make you and I wrong on which versions we prefer. I happen to prefer the 2005 movie, doesn't mean the '95 one wasn't good. It has its own good moments (as well as bad and advantages and disadvantages as does the '05). There's no perfect version for P&P screen adaptation, as each have their own interpretations and each have its own flaws (including the '05 one), that's why there are many different versions we've seen over the years since 1936 (from Broadway to the big screen to the small screen). So, it's only natural to compare different versions that we've seen from the same source or book they were adapted from. Having said that, here's my opinion about The Bennet family and the actors who played them, in this 2005 film version vs. the 1995 A&E/BBC Mini-Series version.

Mostly, I'm comparing these 2 versions here with the casting...I thought the 2005 film hands down got the characters/actors' ages right than the 1995 version. The ages of the 05 characters were accurate to the book.

Just look at the picture comparison of the...

P&P '05 Bennet family:

and the P&P '95 Bennet Family:

Those pics ^ said it all...Enough said ....
the 2005 version with actors/characters' ages
and looks-wise were more closer to the book. ;)

Let's compare the actors with their characters'
looks, ages, portrayals on-screen ...

Mr. Bennet...
Donald Sutherland as Mr. Bennet:

Benjamin Whitrow as Mr. Bennet:

I must say, I liked the '95 Mr. Bennet in terms of how his character was portrayed and look-wise, which was a lot closer in the book as described...but I loved Donald Sutherland's Mr. Bennet more esp. in one of my favorite scenes...this scene in the '05 film:

I thought that ^ was a very sweet father & daughter scene. ;)
So, the '05 Mr. Bennet gets more points than the '95 one in that scene alone. :)

Mrs. Bennet...
Brenda Blethyn as Mrs. Bennet:

Alison Steadman as Mrs. Bennet:

Hands down Brenda Blethyn's Mrs. Bennet was so much better than Alison Steadman's as the '05 Mrs. B was not too annoying as the '95 one. Though she was still annoying, but she was perfectly tolerable to watch as she was also funny and so what I've expected a Mrs. Bennet should be portrayed in the film. BB should've gotten an Oscar Nomination for this. She sure was Mrs. Bennet, in my opinion.

The Bennet Sisters...

P&P '05 Bennet Sisters
(from l to r: Lydia, Kitty,
Lizzie, Jane, and Mary)

(from l to r: Mary, Lizzie, Jane,
Mrs. B hiding
:D, Kitty, and Lydia)

P&P '95 Bennet Sisters

(from L-R: Lydia,
Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, & Kitty)

(from the front to the back:
Mary, Lydia [front row],
Lizzie [2nd row],
Kitty, and Jane [last row])

Hands down the P&P'05 Bennet sisters looked and acted more like real sisters than the '95 Bennet sisters were...so the 2005 one definitely got it right as they really looked and acted like real sisters. ;D

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bennet...
Keira Knightley as Lizzie

Jennifer Ehle as Lizzy

Keira, in my opinion, hands down was the best Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bennet. After seeing the '05 film, I went to re-read the book (which I could never finished nor understand it till I saw the '05 movie, lol), and her Lizzie was exactly what I pictured her when I read the book all over again (this time with much more interest and understanding). She was for me, simply perfect as what I would imagine Lizzie would be in the book as both age, beauty, and her portrayal of the main lead character as strong-willed, stubborn, smart, witty, sarcastic, lively, free-spirited, and opinionated Elizabeth Bennet. While Jennifer Ehle, on the other hand, wasn't that bad. I thought she was ok (and perhaps along with Colin Firth and Mr. Bennet the only actors/characters I thought were pretty good in the mini-series), but she just didn't capture my interest of Lizzie's characteristics. Her Lizzie paled in comparison to Keira's Lizzie as well as how the book described her, at least for me, I thought JE's Lizzie was mostly too serious and not as lively and free-spirited as Keira's Lizzie was. Not too mention she lacked chemistry with Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy (and to think there were rumors back then that they dated while filming the mini, they didn't seem to have chemistry on and off-screen, in my opinion), while Keira's Lizzie and Matthew Macfadyen's Mr. Darcy has this undeniable chemistry, which made their Elizabeth & Darcy more appealing, romantic, irresistible, and a lot fun to watch. ;)


Rosamund Pike as Jane

Susannah Harker as Jane

Rosamund Pike, in my opinion, she was the best Jane Bennet, both in age and beauty. 2005 definitely got the right Jane Bennet (both age and look-wise) that other versions didn't. ;)


Talulah Riley as Mary

Lucy Briers as Mary

The '05 Mary sure was the best Mary between the two, lol. Talulah's Mary was more tolerable than the '95 Mary was and the '95 Mary paled in comparison to the '05 Mary acting-wise and look-wise. :P


Carey Mulligan as Kitty

Polly Maberly as Kitty

Kitty of '05 was my favorite as Carey was just cute and funny as Kitty. In the '95 version, you barely noticed Kitty whereas the '05 Kitty was visible and shown interacting more with the other sisters. Not too mention, Kitty of '05 looked adorable with her cute dimples when she smiles, does she not? ;)


Jena Malone as Lydia

Julia Sawalha as Lydia

LOL, by their pics alone, Jena's Lydia was the right age and look for Lydia and Jenna was perfect as Lydia here, in my opinion. Not too mention, Jenna's a wonderful actress and she's an American who, in my opinion was believable with a British accent here (it's a lot more work for her dialogue-wise than her co-stars as she has to speak with a British accent and she and Carey's Kitty looked like real sisters and I loved when they said in unison, "He's single!" :D. She looked and acted the part which she was supposed to be silly, flirt, wild, annoying and loud...others may not like her Lydia, but I do and I think her Lydia was a ten times much better than the '95 one who looks even older than Lizzie and she was supposed to be the younger sister. :D

Also, noticed how the '05 Lizzie and Lydia were much more believable as teens than the '95 one as Lydia of '95 looked much older than her older sister Lizzie. :P :D

Lizzie and Lydia...

Lizzie and Lydia of '05

Lizzie and Lydia of '95

So, yeah... for me, the 2005 film version was the BEST not just from the right choice of casting, but the visually stunning cinematography, the costumes, the setting, the acting (esp. from Keira & Matthew as Lizzie & Darcy) with all the characters were superb, not to mentioned the Bennet family looked and acted like a real family (making it appealing for the characters to watch), and the music was amazing. Everything about the 2005 film was magical and just bewitched me body and soul. ;)

Speaking of the Bennet family picture comparison, you can watch more via YouTube video below!
(note: unfortunately, the video doesn't work anymore...)

[video source: paola lopez via YouTube]

So, what's your opinion between the '05 and '95 Bennet Family? (as well as the movie/mini-series)...if you've seen both versions...feel free to add your thoughts and opinions here. :)


  1. You say, "There's no perfect version for P&P screen adaptation …" and you're wrong. The 1995 BBC/A&E version is perfect. Keep up the good fight, though.

  2. Thanks for visiting this blog and for the comment.

    As for your comment, well, yes, I said it. Like I said, and will add here...in my opinion, there wasn't a perfect version for P&P screen adaptation even if the 2005 version was the one I personally prefer of all P&P versions and my all-time favorite. So, how can I be wrong with my opinion? Isn't it why it wasn't a fact, because it was an opinion. There was no right or wrong with it. But whatever, I could say the same with yours. So, in your opinion, "The 1995 BBC/A&E version is perfect." To you, it probably was, but I disagree. Doesn't make you wrong and I won't say you are either. I just think that, it's your opinion, after all. That's why I mentioned "preference" because you preferred it to be "perfect" doesn't mean I or the others think the same. Others may or may not agree with me, which is fine 'cause like I said, It was my opinion. Guess, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

    Thanks again for posting your comments.

  3. You're right Jeane, it's just your opinion.

    and even though I haven't seen the '95 version yet, the the sisters of the 2005 version look more like sisters, than the sisters from the 1995 version, from just those pics. - my opinion :)

    The Bennets just 'were' a really good family in the 2005 version. :)

  4. I agree whole-heartedly with everything you said in this post, Jeanne.

    Most of the 1995 P&P fans are fiercely defensive of their favourite version of the novel, and often very snarky towards fans of the 2005 version. I've learnt not to let that bother me. :-) They can have their preference and I can have mine.


  5. I second your opinion Jeane. I like the 2005 version better, yes sisters looked like sisters. In the 1995 version every character looked a bit over aged for their parts.

    Lovely post!


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