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Pride & Prejudice Movie Fans Twitter Live Tweets on Twitter (Part 9)

Last Wednesday, Joe Wright's 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie starring Keira Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen was back on TV twice (but not back-to-back as it usually does) for its first broadcast of the movie in 2016. It was shown on Oxygen channel twice at 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm. The last time it was shown on TV (on Oxygen) was on Christmas Eve 2015 with back-to-back airing, which I missed both times. This would've been part 10, but I'm only posting the ones I got to watch and live tweet with. So, it's part 9, it is. I missed the first half of airing of the movie this past Wednesday, but was able to catch the second half of it. Then, I watched and live tweeted the second airing at 10:30 pm ET. This time, my fellow P&P movie fan and twitter friend Rose Fairbanks joined me on an epic and live tweet fest of the movie (along with a few P&P movie fans who join in on the fun), and it was a blast. I had a great time! Thanks Rose.
 UK "Mr. Bennet at his library" Ending

USA "Mrs. Darcy" Ending

Speaking of Oxygen, I was disappointed that they didn't show (twice) the entire movie (yes, including the American "Mrs. Darcy" ending scene) as they have (always) done so in their previous airings of the movie. Instead, they used the UK ending version of the movie in America! What?!! How dare they?! LOL. Like, why now? They've been showing the US version since its first Television broadcast of the movie in 2006. 10 years!!! Then, they suddenly used the UK version...like E!, Style, Bravo, and now Netflix (US) did too! That's so not cool. It's also, unfair that they never used the US version in the UK for their TV broadcast (yet they used the UK ending in the US). No wonder there are UK fans who didn't know there's an actual ending of the movie, just because it was only shown in North America (US/Canada). I know many (not all) UK fans who saw the American ending version (in either their bonus alternate ending of the movie in their DVDs) preferred the UK ("Mr. Bennet in the library") ending to the US romantic ("Mrs. Darcy") ending one, but there are others who loved it and wished it wasn't omitted in their (UK) version of the movie. The UK ending was abrupt and incomplete without the US ending, which was, after all, the actual and the original ending intended for the movie (whether fans like it or not). The P&P execs should've just kept it the way it was for the UK/International audience (as it was kept for North American viewers) and not confused them with the deleted American ending version they didn't see at their Cinemas (only to see it later in a bonus alternate ending clip in their DVD or on YouTube). Just because they (UK P&P movie executive producers) didn't like the "Mrs. Darcy" ending and they based it on probably a couple private test screenings that according to reports the original ending didn't test well for some (again, not all) random UK audiences, doesn't mean the entire population will not like it, just because some people (probably not fans, but those P&P 1995 purists) thought it was not on the book and the film's own original (and romantic and "too sugary" as Joe, Keira, Matthew, and screenwriter Deborah Moggach called it) ending scene. Filmmakers and execs of this movie shouldn't have listened to a few random test audience, they don't represent the general audience of this movie. Not everyone loves the UK ending nor hate the US ending. Whether one prefers the US ending or not, they should've kept it for the UK/International viewers as well, as they filmed it and it was their intended original ending (which, in my opinion, was unique and fresh and not a copycat from other typical "happily ever after" ending usually shown on screen in other previous TV and film adaptations). The US "Mrs. Darcy" ending wasn't bad or a "blasphemy" (as those P&P movie haters often say it was...) just because it wasn't in the book or that it was "too romantic." What's wrong with a romantic ending kiss from Mr. Darcy? Who wouldn't want to see Darcy kissing his Mrs. Darcy on the face 5 times?! Come on, the first proposal teased the audience an almost kiss that didn't happen and the second proposal (and she finally accepted it) didn't have one either...and they ended it with Mr. Bennet at the library scene. Who wouldn't be disappointed in that, especially, if you were rooting for Elizabeth & Darcy to finally get together and they ended it abruptly with Mr. Bennet at the library just like that...that's not a proper and satisfying ending, if you ask me. If the 1995 version can have a double wedding and an Elizabeth & Darcy kiss at the end (which wasn't in the book either...and no one complain), why can't the 2005 version have their own "Mrs. Darcy" ending kiss as a married couple in the privacy of their Pemberley home's balcony? This movie gets a lot of unfair criticisms (esp. from those haters and P&P purists who are close-minded about this movie and other versions that doesn't follow very closely to the book or their preferred version), but I don't care. I love this movie and preferred this movie version over other P&P adaptations (I've seen) because it has everything I wanted in a P&P adaptation that I can watch over and over and never gets old, even after 10 years of countless viewings. What's not to love about the P&P 2005 movie? It has the best Elizabeth & Darcy actors and performances in Keira & Matthew, the best ensemble cast (including vets like Donald Sutherland, Brenda Blethyn, Penelope Wilton, and Dame Judi Dench), best soundtrack, stunningly gorgeous cinematography, beautiful scenery and locations, memorable quotes, and more (including a romantic "Mrs. Darcy" ending)! This 2005 movie was the adaptation that made me love Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice novel and made me finished reading it (as I couldn't before this movie existed). It made me a huge P&P fan, in general, as well as made me open-minded in watching other versions whether I liked them or not...I watch them all because I'm a P&P fan and love seeing the characters interpreted in different adaptations. Of course, the 2005 movie will always be my top favorite version of P&P, but doesn't mean that I'm not open-minded about watching other interpretations.

Anyway, enough about my long P&P UK vs US ending rant, moving on...

I previously posted here: part 8part 7, part 6, part 5, part 4 and part 3. Then, I posted part 2 of this when it aired back-to-back on Bravo and had first posted about this last May 24th, when it aired twice on Oxygen. I guess this will be a series of posts whenever this movie is broadcast on TV (but of course, it depends, If and when I get a chance to see and live tweet it). Last Wednesday night I only got to see the first half of P&P movie on Oxygen. I was able to watch and live tweet it, though, on its second viewing (at 10:30 pm).

So, yes, I watched and live tweeted at 10:30 pm until about almost 2 am! I had so much fun with other P&P fans who live tweeted and even stayed up until the second airing of this movie ended to watch this movie over again (with all 3 of these hashtags#pandp2005, #Pride&Prejudice, and #PrideandPrejudice and even ) on Twitter, and to watch and live tweet at the same time with fellow fans of this movie...
As aforementioned here before, if you check these P&P hashtags: #Pride&Prejudice and #PrideandPrejudice, it's amazing that P&P fans of this movie will always watch this movie twice (if it's on back-to-back) or more, even very late at night and early into the wee hours of the morning, and even if they've seen the movie countless times (as I did), they're exhausted and sleepy...yet they'll still watch and live tweet about it as if they've never seen it before. That's how awesome, relatable, never outdated, and never gets old this beautiful movie version of P&P is, even a decade later it is still very much watchable, entertaining, relevant, and never goes out of style as the first time of seeing it.

I've compiled and featured here some of my retweeted/favorited tweets from last night's P&P movie live tweet event. [Note: These live tweets were during the East Coast broadcast of P&P movie on both 6:30 pm and 10:30 am airings...]

Check out and read these fun (and some funny) tweets from the following P&P movie fans (including a few of my live tweets, you can read and view mine here or here) in random order below...

And so many, many more! Too many and too long to embed every tweet post here...Just check out these P&P hashtags: #Pride&Prejudice and #PrideandPrejudice for more!



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