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Pride & Prejudice Movie Fans Live Tweets on Twitter

Last night's back-to-back airing of Joe Wright's 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie starring Keira Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen on TV on Oxygen channel got me super excited as It's been a while since it was showing on TV. I love watching this movie on TV even though I've seen it countless times, I own a few copies of it on DVDs and Blu-Ray, and I don't like those annoying commercials that goes with it. But because this 2005 version of P&P is my all-time favorite movie, I can't help but watch this movie (over and over) again whenever it's on TV. Well, what can I say, this movie just never gets old in my viewing (no matter how many times I've seen it in almost a decade now and I know I wasn't the only one).

It always amazes me on social media especially on Twitter how many P&P/Austen fans from around the world constantly talk, tweet, or mention this P&P movie daily and especially whenever Oxygen, E!, Style, and Universal U.S. TV channels (they're all affiliated with P&P's distributor Focus Features, whose under NBC Universal/Comcast...that's why!) used to always broadcast it on TV. Fans always have time to watch and live tweet it at the same time it's on TV. Even more amazing, if you check these P&P hashtags: #Pride&Prejudice and #PrideandPrejudice, is that they'll watch the movie twice (if it's on back-to-back) or more even very late at night and early into the wee hours of the morning, and even if they've seen the movie countless times (as I did), they'll still watch and tweet about it. That's how amazing, relatable, never outdated, and never gets old this beautiful movie version of P&P is, even a decade later it is still very much watchable, entertaining, relevant, and never goes out of style as the first time seeing it.

That's why I hosted a live tweet event (with all 3 of these hashtags: #pandp2005, #Pride&Prejudice, and #PrideandPrejudice) on Twitter last night to watch and live tweet at the same time with fellow fans of this movie and it was a lot fun. So many fans (and even non-fans) live tweeted randomly too during the back-to-back airing. It was like we're watching a popular TV series like Downton Abbey and we were live tweeting the movie like it's the first time we've seen it, lol...and it was so much fun especially when you're watching and tweeting it with other fans who love this movie as much as you do. I love reading random P&P movie related tweets from P&P fans around the world. I know there's a large fandom around the world for this movie since 2005 (and it keeps growing and growing each year). This movie's enduring popularity and $121+ million BO gross worldwide wasn't for nothing. That's the testament of how this glorious film stood the test of time as ten years later, it's still very much loved, fan favorite to watch, relevant, and relatable no matter what the day, month, or year or even the weather or how a person is feeling...just watching this movie always seems to make people feel better or cheer them up.

Can you imagine if Twitter was around in 2005 when this movie was released in theaters? This movie would've trended worldwide, and on the top spot many times over as people seem to love tweeting about it whenever they watch it and how much they love watching it (or how it never gets old in their viewing). When Oxygen, E!, and Style used to show this movie many times in previous years, I've previously watched with other fans when I get a chance to catch it on TV or I remember (more than a few years back) when a few fellow P&P fans and I would have a tweet-fest on Twitter (when it was still a new social network back in 2009/2010) about this movie while we watch our DVDs or while watching it on TV even before live tweets and hashtags were a thing! Those were some fun times!

Anyway, I think I went on a tangent (and this became a novel post than I intended, lol)...if you have read it this far, thank you! Let me get back to the main point of this post. As aforementioned, I got super excited when Oxygen aired P&P movie twice last night/early this morning that I watched and live tweeted about it on Twitter from 9 PM to almost 3 AM!! I'm even amazed at how I still managed to get up early this morning and was able to go to church (though I was half awake and was trying to stay wide awake like Charlotte Lucas, but barely listening to the sermon, as I was sleepy and it didn't help that the pastor/priest was like Mr. Collins...I almost fell asleep like the guy in back sleeping at church in the movie, haha! That church scene in the movie was so relatable!) and still have the energy to even write this long post this afternoon! But, hey...it was all worth it though, all for my love for this movie. What I love about Oxygen is that the channel airs this movie at least twice in a day and they show it on its entirety (Yes, including the actual "Mrs. Darcy" ending scene, whereas E! And Style would only show the UK ending version with Mr. Bennet at his study/library room). I've compiled and featured here some of my retweeted/favorited tweets from last night's P&P movie live tweet event.

Check out and read them (excluding my live tweets, which you can read and view mine here or here) in random order below...

And so many, many more! Too many and too long to embed every tweet post here...Just check out these P&P hashtags: #Pride&Prejudice and #PrideandPrejudice for more!

Speaking of social media, while I'm still at it, just joined Instagram the other day (May 22nd). If you're in Instagram, please check it out and follow me: pandp2005 for more P&P still images, movie clips, etc. Thanks.



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