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Audio|Video: Watch and listen to the 'first proposal' scene from Pride and Prejudice as read by Matthew Macfadyen! (part 3)

Watch and listen as reads the "first proposal" scene from Pride and Prejudice novel with music and clips from the 2005 Pride & Prejudice film!

Once again (as I post this here for the 3rd time, lol), are you sitting comfortably? If so, then listen to Matthew "there's something pleasant about his mouth when he speaks" Macfadyen, our dear Mr. Darcy himself reading the P&P novel by Jane Austen with scenes and music from his P&P movie! A must-watch and listen, double Darcylious treat for us, P&P fans (of the 2005 version), don't you agree?  Enjoy! :)

Listen (and read along) to MM and at the same time watch clips from his 2005 P&P film below...

(source: )

Also, as previously posted here twice before (as we can never get enough of MM and his Darcylicious voice, can't we?)...

Audio|Video: Listen and read along as Matthew Macfadyen reads Pride & Prejudice!
Here it is (again), the link to where you can listen to Matthew reading P&P novel. You can also download the podcast episode (for free) as well on iTunes (if you have one...if not, be sure to download iTunes to download and listen to MM!). I have downloaded this and transferred it to my iPod ever since I heard of this and have been listening to MM's Darcysexylicious voice everyday, lol. It's been fun listening to him read the P&P passage just before I go to bed like I'm listening to a bedtime story and his voice's just so beautiful and soothing to listen to. I even read along with my P&P novel (Chapter 34, pages 184-189) as I was listening to Matthew read.

Now you can read along too while you listen to him in the YT audio/videos below...

[source: EBD05]

[source: EBD05]   



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