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Audio|Video: Listen and read along as Matthew Macfadyen reads Pride & Prejudice!

How's this for an encore of Matthew Macfadyen reading Pride & Prejudice?! As previously posted here last week (See Listen to Matthew Macfadyen READ a passage from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice novel!), if you have missed it...it's in the 2nd page now. I thought I'd post about this one again, as fellow P&P/MM fan, mamen (thanks a lot!) over at my P&P forum posted a Youtube video/audio embedded links with the passage from the first proposal scene from the book that you can read along as you listen to Matthew Macfadyen aka Pride & Prejudice (2005) film's very own Mr. Darcy, reads an excerpt from the original first proposal passage of Jane Austen's classic novel Pride and Prejudice! on a podcast from The Carte Noire Readers.

Here it is (again), the link to where you can listen to Matthew reading P&P novel. You can also download the podcast episode (for free) as well on iTunes (if you have one...if not, be sure to download iTunes to download and listen to MM!). I have downloaded this and transferred it to my iPod ever since I heard of this and have been listening to MM's sexy voice everyday, lol. It's been fun listening to him read the P&P passage just before I go to bed like I'm listening to a bedtime story and his voice's just so beautiful and soothing to listen to. I even read along with my P&P novel (Chapter 34, pages 184-189) as I was listening to Matthew read.

Now you can read along too while you listen to him in the YT audio/videos below...

[source: EBD05]

[source: EBD05]   

Also, check out and listen to a recent interview of Matthew from The Carte Noire Readers on Classic FM:

Fresh from Cannes Film Festival, Matthew was interviewed about his reading the excerpt of P&P, why he read that particular scene (The First Proposal scene), if he has read the P&P novel prior to filming the P&P movie, his Sheriff of Notthingham role in Robin Hood movie, and his children, etc.

Listen/download Matthew Macfadyen's interview here!


  1. Thank you for posting this videos!! My English is not good enough and the text is very useful.OMG what a voice!!!

  2. You're very welcome. :) thanks for visiting, reading, and commenting here. Your English is just fine. Glad I reposted this and found those YT videos/audios for you. Yes, what a voice, indeed. I love listening to him on this one. I kept playing this on repeat on my iPod, lol.

  3. Oh my, I can listen to that voice everyday, or better to say every night - thanks again so much for sharing ;).
    Anyway, I still wonder if he reads to his children some bedtime stories...

  4. You're very welcome, Katie. :)I've been listening to him on my iPod on repeat whenever I get a chance. :D I think he probably does. Did you listen to his brief interview (the additional link I posted)? He talked about his children and work as well as why he chose the "first proposal scene" part to read in this excerpt, etc.

  5. Btw, I love that he read/said one of the lines twice (did any of you noticed that?):

    "so much in love as to wish to marry her in spite of all the objections which had made him prevent his friend's marrying her sister..."

    Not that I mind...he can read the entire passage twice and I wouldn't mind at all, hehe...Also, the way he said, "heaving" (or at least that was what it sounded like) instead of "heavy", lol...and the way he asked if we're "sitting comfortably" just before he read the passage. I love MM even more. :D

  6. I did notice that - I think he knew why he did that. And I also listened to the additional interview which you posted there and that was the reason why I was asking myself about the reading bedtime stories.
    Anyway, I laughed a lot about his description of Sheriff of Nottingham . It was funny to hear him talk about that character as about an idiot :D.

  7. Katie - Oh, I see. Glad you've already listened to the interview. Yeah, he was funny about his description of his Sherrif of Nothingham role in Robin Hood. I saw the film and wished he was there more. About his repeated line on the P&P excerpt...I love it. He can read the same line or repeat the same passage twice or a hundred times and I'd still listen to his voice, lol.

  8. Thanks for those vids!!

    I agree if he reads the entire P&P book I´ll pay for it!!!

  9. I wish someone could persuade him to read the entire book.
    I'd definitely pay for that.

  10. do you have a copy/link of the movie with the ending where they were together in pemberley kissing and saying "you can call me mrs. darcy..." not the one that ends with donald sutherland's cahracter? thanks.


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