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Winners of P&P Blog DVD Giveaway!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I did a lil' impromptu P&P DVD Giveaway! during Keira Knightley's 25th birthday and my P&P 05 Fan Forum's 4 years online anniversary last March 26.

I'm not surprise not many participated/entered this free dvd contest unlike the first P&P dvd giveaway I did here about a year ago...my guess would be that everyone probably has their own copies of this film version already, lol...nor am I disappointed that only two entrants for this either. I think these two lovely participants/entrants made it easier for me to pick the winners...'cause I was only looking for two and they are the obvious winners! So, they each get the free P&P DVD prize and not only that, I am including additional special treats along with their prizes...how about that? just for entering the contest and as a thank you from me (yours truly is in a good mood and feeling generous today 'cause...well, today she happily shares Twilight's Kristen Stewart's birthday...unfortunately, she's not as young, rich and famous as K-Stew is on this day, lol...) :)

Anyway, without further ado...

The P&P DVD Giveaway winners are:

Sweet Lady Jess and Audrey Lawrence
(Ladies, please check your email inboxes as I've already sent both of you an email for your mailing addresses. So, please contact me and reply ASAP [with your snail-mail addresses] to claim your prizes! I will send and mail you your prizes as soon as I hear from you. Thanks) :)

P.S. If you missed this contest (and the previous one)...don't worry, there will be more contests and chances for you and everyone to win next time or soon. So, keep visiting and keep checking this blog 'cause you never know when I'll have the next random contest posted here. ;)



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