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First official 'Homeland' episode stills of Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn!

The 6-time Primetime Emmy Award winner Homeland (Season 2) - premiered last September 30th at 10 PM ET/PT on Showtime and it was a great start! It previously aired episode 2 and episode 3  will be airing this coming Sunday, October 14th. As previously posted here, Rupert Friend has joined the ensemble cast of Claire Danes, Damain Lewis, and Mandy Patinkin recently and will be a regular in the second season of this Emmy award winning series. He will be playing a CIA Analyst character named Peter Quinn (could he be Matthew Macfadyen/Tom Quinn's cousin from Spooks/MI-5 series? To quote RF's P&P character Wickham, "Perhaps," lol).

Anyway, I've seen episode one (of Season 2) and I didn't see him nor did it appear he was in episode 2. He's unlikely to be in episode 3, but it now looks like he will make his debut episode appearance in episode 4! The new episode stills for episode 4 (via IMDB) featured him in a couple stills with co-star Claire Danes (Carrie). Interesting, on IMDB, he's not listed on Homeland's cast listing yet and they already have episode still photos of him...

Check out Episode 4: New Car Smell stills featuring Rupert Friend and Claire Danes and more future episodes synopsis, spoilers and info., etc. for Rupert's Peter Quinn character below...

 Episode 4: New Car Smell Official Stills 
featuring Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn
 (source: – ©

 Rupert Friend: THR's Homeland Behind The Scenes
 (source: THR | Rupert Friend MB)

Here's Homeland's episode 4 synopsis...
New Car Smell
(October 21, 2012) 
Following a secret debrief from Saul, a stunned Estes authorizes a covert operation to pursue intel recovered in Beirut - but not without putting his own trusted operative in charge. Brody, still reeling from his misadventures, gets another shock when he runs into Carrie at Langley. A casual invitation to bury the hatchet turns into an encounter neither of them could have foreseen. And Dana discovers she has something in common with Finn Walden, the Vice President's son.
Also, there's a new Rupert episode still for Episode 6: A Gettysburg Address

Upcoming Homeland episode synopsis (featuring Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn) 
Episode 2.06 - A Gettysburg Address
Dana visits the hospital and is shocked by what she sees there. Faber gets tangled up with the CIA when he asks one too many questions about Tom Walker. Brody agrees to work with Carrie and Quinn to stop an attack on America, but his loyalty to the United States is questioned when Gettysburg once again becomes a battleground. (Source: Showtime)

Episode 2.08 - TBA
He lies for Carrie. He lies for Roya. And he's still lying to Jessica. Brody heads towards a serious meltdown as he struggles to keep his complicated alliances clear. Against Quinn's orders, Carrie stages a risky intervention to keep Brody in line, forcing both of them to confront their mixed emotions. Meanwhile, Dana turns to an unlikely source for comfort.  (Source: Showtime)

Episode 2.10 - Broken Hearts (Spoilers Alert!)
Read  full episode spoilers here: Before Saul can leave the building with Quinn, Virgil, and Galvez, he's intercepted by 2 men who hold him for questioning downstairs, and when Saul tells them to call Deputy Director Estes, one man tells Saul that Estes is already aware of the situation. (Source: SpoilerTV)

Homeland's principal cast (Claire Danes and Damian Lewis) with producers are currently on the October issue cover of The Hollywood Reporter weekly Magazine. See the cover here: Homeland's Hot Streak 

Also, see featured articles (preview): 'Homeland's' Hot Streak, In Their Own Words

And check out and read this interesting article about Homeland's British stars talk the talk off screen!   



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