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New HQ Production Stills for "An Education"

Several *new production stills of Carey Mulligan's much buzzed star turned film, An Education, which she co-stars with P&P co-star Rosamund Pike have just recently been released.

Check out some 26 new never-before-seen-production stills of mostly Carey (as Jenny) and some Rosamund (as Helen) as well as a behind the scene photo below!

New "An Education" HQ Production Stills

[click images to enlarge!]

Plus a Behind The Scene photo of
Rosamund, director Lone Scherfig, and Carey

[source: Carey Mulligan Online]

More An Education Production Stills (HQ) can be viewed at Carey Mulligan Online's Photo Gallery. Carey Mulligan fans, check out Carey Mulligan Online. This fansite is awesome and is your daily dose for all things surrounded this talented British actress (mostly known to us, P&P fans as Kitty Bennet in 2005's Pride & Prejudice) and her career. So, check it out!

See more previously posted An Education Stills in the following links below:


Sony Pictures Classics has even more in their An Education section (click on Choose Your Film drop down menu and scroll down to select An Education to see more additional never-before-seen --->) HQ Production stills featuring Carey Mulligan and Rosamund Pike.

Carey Mulligan as Jenny

Rosamund Pike as Helen

[An Education Stills - Copyright © Sony Pictures Classics]

More Rosamund Pike stills from An Education can viewed at Rosamund Pike Online as well as on set pics here.

Speaking of An Education, Carey had recently said this about her leading role in An Education (which she got rave reviews in Berlin and Sundace Film festivals earlier this year) in an interview she did with UK's The Independent:

"My parts in Brothers and Public Enemies are both small: I'm not running around with Johnny Depp for the whole movie,even though I wish that was the case! An Education was the one I was most excited about seeing. I was sobbing. You never ever imagine that you're going to get to play a lead."

Read full article here.

Mark your calendars!

An Education in U.S. theaters October 9 [limited]



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