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Pride and Prejudice Quotes from Novel to Film (Chapter 22)

Continuing from my previous posts (Chapters 1-21) and moving right on to Chapter 22, which was about Elizabeth Bennet getting a surprise news from her dear old friend Charlotte Lucas, who suddenly got engaged to Elizabeth's ridiculous distant cousin Mr. Collins, whom she just rejected a marriage proposal to previously.

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Pride and Prejudice 


The possibility of Mr. Collins's fancying himself in love with her friend had once occurred to Elizabeth within the last day or two; but that Charlotte could encourage him, seemed almost as far from possibility as that she could encourage him herself, and her astonishment was consequently so great as to overcome at first the bounds of decorum, and she could not help crying out,
"Engaged to Mr. Collins! my dear Charlotte, -- impossible!''

The steady countenance which Miss Lucas had commanded in telling her story, gave way to a momentary confusion here on receiving so direct a reproach; though, as it was no more than she expected, she soon regained her composure, and calmly replied, "Why should you be surprised, my dear Eliza? -- Do you think it incredible that Mr. Collins should be able to procure any woman's good opinion, because he was not so happy as to succeed with you?''

But Elizabeth had now recollected herself, and making a strong effort for it, was able to assure her with tolerable firmness that the prospect of their relationship was highly grateful to her, and that she wished her all imaginable happiness.

"I see what you are feeling,'' replied Charlotte, -- "you must be surprised, very much surprised, -- so lately as Mr. Collins was wishing to marry you. But when you have had time to think it all over, I hope you will be satisfied with what I have done. I am not romantic, you know. I never was. I ask only a comfortable home; and considering Mr. Collins's character, connections, and situation in life, I am convinced that my chance of happiness with him is as fair as most people can boast on entering the marriage state.''

Elizabeth quietly answered "Undoubtedly;'' -- and after an awkward pause, they returned to the rest of the family. Charlotte did not stay much longer, and Elizabeth was then left to reflect on what she had heard. It was a long time before she became at all reconciled to the idea of so unsuitable a match. The strangeness of Mr. Collins's making two offers of marriage within three days, was nothing in comparison of his being now accepted. She had always felt that Charlotte's opinion of matrimony was not exactly like her own, but she could not have supposed it possible that, when called into action, she would have sacrificed every better feeling to worldly advantage. Charlotte the wife of Mr. Collins, was a most humiliating picture! -- And to the pang of a friend disgracing herself and sunk in her esteem, was added the distressing conviction that it was impossible for that friend to be tolerably happy in the lot she had chosen.

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Movie Script

"Charlotte." (Elizabeth Bennet)

My dear Lizzie. I've come here to tell you the news. Mr. Collins and I are engaged." (Charlotte Lucas)

Engaged?" (Lizzie)
"Yes." (Charlotte)
To be married?" (Lizzie)
Yes, of course, Lizzie, what other kind of engaged is there? Oh, for heaven's sake, Lizzie, don't look at me like that. There was no earthly reason why I shouldn't be as happy with him as any other." (Charlotte)
But he's ridiculous." (Lizzie)

Oh, hush. Not all of us can afford to be romantic. I've been offered a comfortable home and protection. There's a lot to be thankful for." (Charlotte)
Charlotte..." (Lizzie)

I'm 27 years old. I've no money and no prospects. I'm already a burden to my parents. And I'm frightened. So don't judge me, Lizzie. Don't you dare judge me." (Charlotte)



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