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Warner Bros. acquired feature film rights to adapt a modern Pride and Prejudice retelling The Season

Another modern Pride and Prejudice retelling The Season (from Jonah Lisa & Stephen Dyer's contemporary YA novel of the same name, which was published last year) will be adapted into a feature film by Warner Bros. as announced today per Deadline. 

Read more info. via Deadline below...
EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros has acquired feature rights to Jonah Lisa & Stephen Dyer’s novel The Season, for Temple Hill Entertainment partners Marty Bowen & Wyck Godfrey to produce. Published last summer by Viking Children’s, the novel is a modern retelling of Pride And Prejudice set in the colorful world of Texas high society.

The heroine is a clever tomboy and soccer star who’s forced into the elite Dallas debutante season by her mother. The teen’s rebellious behavior and sharp tongue quickly put her on probation. While navigating the cutthroat debutante culture, Megan also juggles a tumultuous romance and a complicated relationship with her perfect twin sister. [Deadline]
A full description of the book (and its cover) via The Dyer's website:

Soccer star Megan McKnight thought she knew competition.

That was before she became a debutante.

A soccer star with Olympic dreams, Megan can’t believe her socialite mother secretly entered her and her twin in the Dallas debutante season. Her bad attitude gets her on debutante probation: she’s got a month to prove she can ballroom dance, display impeccable manners, and curtsey like a proper Texas lady or she’ll get the boot and disgrace her family.  Trading her cleats for kitten heels, Megan waltzes into a full schedule of dazzlingly extravagant parties.  When she’s swept off her feet by the charming Hank Waterhouse, she starts to think being a deb might not be so bad (if only she didn’t have to contend with a backstabbing blonde and her billionaire boyfriend). But that’s before Megan finds herself in the middle of a media-frenzy-causing scandal, being humiliated in front of a dozen ten-year-olds, and getting punched in the face by another girl.

The season has begun…but the drama is just getting started.



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