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Rupert Friend's Peter Quinn in Homeland's Tragic Season 6 Finale Twist

Is Season 6 Rupert Friend's final season as agent Peter Quinn in Showtime's Homeland? Yes, sadly, it (most likely) was! If you have seen the season 6 finale episode 12 - America First of Homeland last Sunday (April 9th), then, you've seen the tragic fate of Rupert's beloved and fan favorite character, Peter Quinn. Showtime has released a spoiler finale tribute to Rupert's character (which you can watch at your own risk below) and RF had various S6 finale (spoiler-filled) interviews (read them, again, at your own risk in the links I've provided below).

Rupert joined the series back in Season 2 (Episode 4) playing agent Peter Quinn, which he scored an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor. Then, he was promoted to series regular in Season 3-6.

Watch (or don't watch...either way, don't shoot the messenger!) a Homeland Spoiler Finale Tribute video below...

WARNING: This video contains spoilers from the Season 6 finale of Homeland.

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