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Top 10 Favorite Pride & Prejudice Movie Characters

Our P&P (2005) movie's 10th Year Anniversary event here continues...

I previously posted my Top 10 Favorite Pride & Prejudice moments. Now, lets get into my Top 10 Favorite Pride & Prejudice Movie Characters. My #1 favorite is a tie (obviously), I had to pick both for the top spot, because I love both characters equally. Likewise with #6. Also, #7 and #10, I liked both for different reasons (and they're both tolerable in this movie...and the latter needs some love and attention...that is all...).

Here are my top 10 favorite P&P Movie Characters...

1. Elizabeth Bennet & Fitzwilliam Darcy (aka Mr. Darcy)

2. Jane Bennet

3. Charles Bingley (aka Mr. Bingley)

4. Georgiana Darcy

5. Mr. Bennet

6. Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner

7. Mrs. Bennet

8. Charlotte Lucas

9. Colonel Fitzwilliam

10. Mary Bennet

These are my top 10 favorite P&P movie characters, what's yours? Again, leave your own top 10  in the comment section for comparison and discussions below.


  1. Tied for first place would be Elizabeth & Darcy, second would be Mr. Bennet, third would be Jane Bennet, then Mr. Bingley, then Charlotte Lucas, then Mary Bennet, then Mrs. Bennet and the the Gardners.

  2. Thanks MaryAnn Nagy for your comment here. Obviously, we have the same #1 favorite (Elizabeth & Darcy) and other similar favorite P&P Characters (just in different order...interesting!). :)


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