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Top 10 Favorite Pride & Prejudice Moments

Our P&P (2005) movie's 10th Year Anniversary event here continues...

The UK Cinema release anniversary (yesterday) may have been over, but our celebration and appreciation for this movie continues as we're celebrating it here in this blog all month long. There are so many beautiful moments/scenes in Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie and, of course, it's hard to pick just one or two favorite. I could say, a lot of them, because I love pretty much every scene in this movie (well, except for a few Wickham scenes, lol), but I thought I'd narrow them down to a Top 10 (I'm starting a series of top 10 posts here, so keep checking for more), my Top 10 favorite Pride & Prejudice Moments here, for our P&P 10th Anniversary event and for the nostalgia. It was very hard to pick these top 10 as I know I've left out a lot, but this wouldn't be a top 10 if I have more than 10, so I had to really pick just the 10 moments/scenes (the top 3 are my all-time personal favorite) in this movie that I love watching the most.

Here are my Top 10 Favorite P&P Moments...

1. Elizabeth & Darcy's most romantic forehead-to-forhead/nose-to-nose moments during the unforgettable Second Proposal scene

 2. Elizabeth & Darcy's intense moments and sexual tension show during the First Proposal "Rain" scene

3. At Pemberley, Elizabeth & Darcy show their sweetest smile to each other as Miss Georgiana looks on...

 4. Mr. Bingley proposes marriage to Miss Jane Bennet, who happily accepted and says...

5. Mr. Darcy surprises Miss Elizabeth by holding her hand as he helped her into the carriage when the Bennet women were leaving Netherfield...

6. Elizabeth & Darcy's "most invigorating" dance at Netherfield Ball scene

7. Elizabeth and Mr. Bennet's heartfelt father-daughter chat

8. Mr. Bennet tells his daughter Elizabeth that he will never see her again if she marries Mr. Collins!

9. Elizabeth and Jane's sisterly-bonding-moment under the bed covers

10. "Everybody behave naturally" (said Mrs. Bennet to her daughters) when Darcy and Bingley visited the Bennet women unannounced!

These are my Top 10, what are yours? Feel free to list your own top 10 in the comment section here for comparison and discussion here.



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