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Top 10 Favorite Elizabeth & Darcy Moments in Pride & Prejudice (2005) Movie

Our P&P (2005) movie's 10th Year Anniversary event here continues...

Like my Top 10 Favorite individual Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy Moments posts, it was difficult to pick my Top 10 favorite moments of them as an OTP (One True Pair) too as they were both equally great as individuals as well as together (as a romantic couple). Keira Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen as Elizabeth & Darcy has the best on-screen chemistry. They were perfectly cast as these iconic characters Jane Austen created more two centuries and two ago.

Here are my Top 10 Favorite Elizabeth & Darcy Moments in P&P (2005) movie...

1. The Second Proposal "Misty Morning" Scene. The BEST and most ROMANTIC scene EVER! It never gets old!

2. The First Proposal "Rain" Scene. The sexual tension. Who knew Elizabeth's refusal to marry Mr. Darcy and their almost "kiss" moment would make this one, one of the best scenes and fan favorites?

3. Seeing Elizabeth & Darcy smiling at each other at Pemberley scene is so sweet and adorable and never gets old.

4. Post Second Proposal Scene. The newly engaged couple. Can't take their eyes off of each other! #Smitten

5. First Touch, Leaving Netherfield Scene...To quote Mr. Macfadyen, "it's electric, it's so charge."

6. Mrs. Darcy (American Ending) Scene. Who doesn't want to hear Darcy say, "Mrs. Darcy" 5x and those romantic kisses 5x? Right? Right. I thought so. Of course...

7. Mr. Darcy asked Miss Elizabeth to Dance at Netherfield Ball, in which she surprised herself by agreeing and saying "you may."

8. Elizabeth teases Darcy of "knowing only six accomplished women" at Netherfield...

9. Awkward Moment Scene. Love this scene and one of the funniest and popular Tumblr memes that says: "That moment when she was caught creeping around the house of the man she rejected...by the man she rejected."

10. At the Meryton Ball, Miss Elizabeth recommends "Dancing even if ones partner is barely tolerable," to encourage affection...

That's my Top 10 Favorite Elizabeth & Darcy Moments in P&P (2005) movie. What are yours?


  1. I love the "what have you done to poor Mr Darcy?" Scene. Does anyone know where to view the wedding scene for the 2005 version? I've found so many stills that it had to be shot. Where is it available? Got to see it in its entirety!

  2. Stephanie - Thanks for commenting here. Unfortunately, there's no wedding scene from the 2005 movie, just the "Mrs. Darcy" ending at Pemberley scene. According to director Joe Wright, they had planned to do a wedding scene, but didn't film it, instead they did a different ending, which was now the "Mrs. Darcy" (American) ending scene.

  3. What do you mean by "american ending"? Is there another one? I watched this movie so many times I can do the dialogues by myself, but I never knew there was a different ending.

  4. Anonymous - If you have seen the UK/International version of this movie, you saw the abrupt UK ending with Mr. Bennet at his library inviting suitors for Kitty and Mary after his chat with Elizabeth. This was a shorten version as the actual ending was actually in the US version with the original ending (Mrs. Darcy) which follows the Mr. Bennet scene at his library ending and continues on with the Mrs. Darcy at Pemberley ending scene that Americans and Canadians saw in theaters and on American DVD/Bluray version (but was omitted for UK/international viewers). So yeah, the American "Mrs. Darcy" ending was the original ending for this movie. Thanks for the comment and for asking..


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