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Wanted: P&P Guest Bloggers/Blog Contributors and Graphic Artists

Okay, I'm not going to stop blogging here as I've been blogging and maintaining this P&P Blog for over 7 years and it's been a lot a fun. I love and enjoy posting randomly here even if it's a lot of work and I spent countless hours on uploading photos and trailer screen captures, posting TV & Film news of my favorite P&P (2005) actors and director Joe Wright (as well as any P&P/Austen related news articles), editing and updating various sections and pages of this blog, and keeping my all-time favorite movie alive and maintaining this fan blog for my fellow devoted P&P fans for as long as I can. It sure is a lot of work, especially when I do it all, mostly by myself (and don't get paid doing it either, but I don't mind because I love P&P and this 2005 movie so much that it has become a personal hobby and passion of mine to keep this going for almost 8 years now. The best thing about this is...this is my blog, my precious baby blog that I started and created from scratch and I can do pretty much whatever I want with this, with no drama nor deadlines, because it's mine and I'm my own boss).

I've had a few wonderful blog contributors and guest bloggers to help me out here a bit in the past, which I'm very grateful and thankful to them. Of course, life can be hectic and busy at times, and sometimes it would be so nice to have a lil' help with keeping this blog active, interesting, and more entertaining. So, I thought for this coming New Year, I'd ask you, my dear and faithful blog readers, if you're a blogger yourself and love visiting this blog frequently. If you'd be so interested in contributing to this blog as either a guest blogger/writer (to write a weekly or monthly post/article here) or as a graphic artist (to create and donate a header banner for this blog), it would be so lovely and amazing. I would most definitely love and appreciate your help. If not and I don't get any help, it's all good and no big deal. I'm still here and can do it all by myself. I'm not going anywhere. I just thought I'd try this and ask anyway...

If you're interested, read more below...

I'm looking for the following...

Guest Bloggers/Blog Contributors
If you're a big fan of the 2005 P&P movie and its cast as I am and you're interested in contributing or helping me a bit with guest blogging here on this blog starting in the New Year 2015, feel free to post and comment here or Email Me and let me know. I need at least a few guest bloggers/blog writers to help me with posting random P&P/Austen related news and articles. See my previous posts and archives here, for example, of past posts/articles I've posted here.

Here are a few requirements:
  • Must love Pride & Prejudice (2005) movie and its cast (as I mostly post news about their current and upcoming TV and film projects) to write posts about this movie (especially for its upcoming 10th anniversary in 2015) and its cast/actors as this blog is mainly dedicated to this version of P&P.
  • Besides P&P (2005) movie, you must also love at least a few other P&P adaptations too (as I also post other versions of P&P here on this blog) to write P&P related posts/articles.
  • Must have read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice novel (and its prequels, sequels, and or variations) and at least a few other Austen novels to write P&P/Austen related articles or P&P book reviews or TV/Film adaptation reviews for this blog.
  • Must have a Blog of your own (especially on Blogger), so you know how to post on this blog. Feel free to mention, promote, and link your own blog on your post (once you are a guest blogger here).

Graphic Artists/Header Banner Makers
I must say, I am definitely not a skilled nor a talented (unfortunately) graphic artist. Though I tried to make my own header banners for this blog. If you've been visiting here for 7 years, you've definitely noticed that I rarely change the main page's header banners here as I'm not very good in making them. I changed it at least once a year (or not at all...depends if I feel like making one, which as aforementioned, I'm not very good at all). So, I thought for the coming New Year 2015, especially for the P&P movie's 10th anniversary, I'd love to change the main header banner at least once monthly (for 12 months), but only if I have help from my loyal readers/visitors who are skilled and very talented graphic artists and would be so generous and kind as to help me and donate here at least a few exquisite header banners for this blog. I would so appreciate it and would be forever indebted to to your generosity. I will definitely credit anyone who would help me on this and I'll create an extra page just for header contributors and give credit to those of you who would help me on this. If you're interested, please Email Me (note: right click and copy email link, if you can't see the link), send me a message on facebook, tweet me on twitter, or simply just leave a comment here on this post for a link of the header banner(s) you want to help and contribute for this blog. Thanks in advance.

Here's a simple requirement:
  • The P&P Blog header's dimensions must be: 954 pixels × 342 pixels. The design and P&P (2005) movie related images (ie. Elizabeth & Darcy, Jane & Bingley, Bennet sisters, Bennet family, P&P movie characters, etc.) is up to you as long as you include a P&P Blog text (ie. Welcome to Pride & Prejudice Blog or just P&P Blog) on the header (see header banner on top of this blog, for example).


  1. i would love helping you my dear Jeane, as i am consider myself as much fan you you are and evoted etc. but really the time....and i am not a grapics artist...nor a great blogger as you are!!! I cant handle how to make post here...... wish i would be much better blogger!!!!


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