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Then & Now: The Many Faces of the Bennet Sisters (Part 3)

An update here on Then & Now: The Many Faces of The Bennet Sisters to add the latest group of actresses playing the Bennet sisters from recently aired Death Comes To Pemberley and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a parody of Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice novel.

Check out the new additions (Death Comes To Pemberley and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) of The Many Faces of The Bennet Sisters below...

~*~From 1940 to 2015~*~
(Pride and Prejudice; Film 1940)
From bottom to top: Greer Garson (Elizabeth),
Maureen O'Sullivan (Jane), Heather Angel (Kitty),
Ann Rutherford (Lydia), and Marsha Hunt (Mary)

(Pride and Prejudice; TV Miniseries 1980)
Front (from l to r): Sabina Franklin (Jane),
Elizabeth Garvie (Elizabeth),
Back (from l to r):
Priscilla Morgan (Lydia),
Clare Higgins (Kitty), Tessa Peake-Jones (Mary)

(Pride and Prejudice; BBC/A&E TV Miniseries 1995)
       from L-R: Julia Sawalha (Lydia), Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth),
Susannah Harker (Jane), Lucy Briers (Mary), and Polly Maberly (Kitty)
(Right photo ^ from the front to the back: Mary, Lydia [front row], Lizzie [2nd row],Kitty, and Jane [last row])

(*Pride and Prejudice; Film 2003)
Lucila Sola (Jane Vasquez), Kam Heskin (Elizabeth Bennet),
Kelly Stables (Lydia Meryton), and Nicole Hamilton (Kitty Meryton)

(*Note: in this 2003 Latter-Day comedy version of P&P,
they are best friends instead of sisters. 

Also, there's a Mary Lamblen, not in the photo that was also one of their friends)

(*Bride & Prejudice; Film 2004)
 Aishwarya Rai (Lalita Bakshi = Elizabeth Bennet), 
Namrata Shirodkar (Jaya = Jane), Meghna Kothari (Maya = Mary), 
and Peeya Rai Choudhuri (Lakhi = Lydia)  
(*Note: In this 2004 Bollywood version of P&P, there were only 4 sisters instead of 5

(Pride & Prejudice; Film 2005)
from l to r (top photo): Jena Malone (Lydia), 
Carey Mulligan (Kitty), Keira Knightley (Elizabeth "Lizzie"),
Rosamund Pike (Jane), and Talulah Riley (Mary)
(promo photos by focus features/working title productions/universal pictures)

(Lost In Austen; ITV TV Miniseries 2008)
from l to r: Perdita Weeks (Lydia), Florence Hoath (Kitty),
Morven Christie (Jane), Gemma Arterton (Elizabeth), and Ruby Bentall (Mary)
(*note: I cropped out Jemima Rooper's Amanda Price's face
and inserted Gemma Arterton's Elizabeth Bennet's headshot
to complete the Bennet sisters' group photo ^...

sorry it didn't come out good... haha!)

(Pride & Prejudice;
Comic Book, Marvel Comics 2009)
from top to bottom: Jane, Mary, Kitty, Lizzy, and Lydia

(cover image artwork by sonny liew
and dennis calero | marvel.com)

(A Modern Pride and Prejudice; Film 2011)
from top to bottom: Christina LaFon (Jane), Maia Petee (Elizabeth),
Ashley Douglas (Mary),
Christina Rizzo (Kitty), and Shannon Urban (Lydia)

(photos by Bonnie Mae of PaperCut Productions)

(The Lizzie Bennet Diaries; Vlog/YouTube Series 2012-2013)
Ashley Clements (Lizzie), Laura Spencer (Jane), and Mary Kate Wiles (Lydia)

 Whaaaattt?!!!: Cat (Lydia's cat Kitty Bennet) and Briana Cuoco  (cousin Mary Bennet)

(Death Comes To Pemberley; TV Mini-series 2013 UK/US 2014)
Anna Maxwell Martin (Elizabeth Darcy...née Bennet), Alexandra Moan (Jane Bingley...née Bennet), and Jenna Coleman (Lydia Wickham...née Bennet)
(*Note: Only 3 Bennet sisters appeared in this 2013 BBC/2014 Masterpiece Mystery mini-series)

(Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; Film 2015)
Lily James (Elizabeth), Ellie Bamber (Lydia), Millie Brady (Mary), Bella Heathcote (Jane), and Suki Waterhouse (Kitty)



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