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Monday, July 9, 2012

Watch: Jena Malone in Episode 1 and BTS of her new WIGS miniseries 'Dakota'

Jena Malone's new WIGS series Dakota premieres today (this morning at 6am PDT/9am EDT) with Episode 1 (of 3): Down $770. In addition, an interesting Behind The Scenes (1 of 3) video (featuring Jena and Dakota's writer/director Ami Canaan Mann talking about how JM got involved/cast and the development of her title character in this series) is also available to watch separately after the first episode. Watch both of them below!

Dakota (on Wigs) starring Jena Malone (as the title character Dakota), premieres Monday (7/9), and its 3 episodes will air on Mon, Wed and Fri of this week.

About Dakota:
Starring Jena Malone.
Co-starring: Jason O'Mara (One For The Money)
A poker player on a short losing streak is invited to a high stakes home game, but the stakes for her son are what matter most.

Premieres July 9th. Watch JM (as Dakota) in Episode 1 and BTS videos for Dakota below...

"Dakota": Episode 1 of 3 -- "Down $770":
Dakota finds a moment of peace between poker games.

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"Dakota" Behind-The-Scenes: "Jena: All In" "Dakota" star Jena Malone and writer/director Ami Canaan Mann discuss the development of the street-smart main character.

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Episode 2 and BTS 2 of Dakota airs on Wednesday!

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