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Watch: Hunger TV's Matthew Macfadyen Interview - Leading The Way

Hunger TV did an article/interview, and photoshoot with Matthew Macfadyen last November (2011). I posted about the interview and video link on FB, but I don't remember posting about it here on the blog, so I thought I'd post it here today for those of you who haven't read it nor seen the video interview.

Here's part of the Matthew's interview (and images) via Hunger TV...
Leading the way: MATTHEW MACFADYEN
eading the Way. Matthew Macfadyen has a knack for finding the perfect part, no matter how controversial. Matthew Macfadyen has often, and quite unwillingly, been marked out as a very British romantic hero. It’s a stereotype he’s worked hard to avoid, and one he momentarily left behind when he took on the most controversial role of his career. His portrayal of a paedophile, Charlie, in the Channel 4 drama Secret Life, saw him nominated for a Bafta in 2008. Two years later, he won the Bafta for Best Supporting Actor, for his part in Criminal Justice, before what might have been his crowning TV moment thus far, playing the mid-life Logan Mountstuart in Any Human Heart. Matthew started his career as a theatre actor, treading the boards with the company, Cheek-by-Jowl. In 2005, he was well received as Prince Hal opposite Michael Gambon’s Falstaff. Growing in talent and recognition, he worked his way through a Brontë adaptation, a Stephen Poliakoff production, and then several television dramas, before being cast as an MI5 officer in the high-profile BBC drama, Spooks. Last year he returned to the theatre, starring opposite Kim Cattrall in Noël Coward’s play, Private Lives – applying his acting impassivity to great comic effect. In 2012, he will be once again teaming up with Pride & Prejudice director, Joe Wright, in another classic love story, Anna Karenina.
 (source: Hunger TV)
 The Hunger: Why the beard?
Matthew Macfadyen: I’ve got this because I’m doing Anna Karenina with Keira Knightley. It’s set in 1870s Moscow and St Petersburg, so it will probably just end up as a moustache, but we shall have to see. This is about ten weeks of concentrated growth. It helps me to get into the part. It changes the way I move my mouth; I’ve become more stiff upper-lipped.

Are you looking forward to working with Joe again?
He’s got fantastic ideas for this film – quite radical, actually – and it’s a good cast. It will be a very interesting version of Anna Karenina. It won’t be what people expect.
Anna Karenina is out in 2012.
Read Matthew's full Hunger TV interview here!

Watch the MM's Hunger TV video interview below (in two parts)...

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