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A few Promotional stills of Jena Malone as Nancy McCoy in History's 'Hatfields & McCoys' miniseries

On Memorial Day (May 28th), History channel's highly anticipated scripted mini-series HATFIELDS & MCCOYS starring Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton, Jena Malone, Tom Berenger, Powers Boothe and Mare Winningham will premiere its 3-part miniseries beginning with episode one (on the 28th at 9/8c).

Hatfields & McCoys chronicle of one of the most infamous family rivalries in American history. Kevin Costner plays “Devil” Anse Hatfield and Bill Paxton plays Randall McCoy in the three-part miniseries.

History channel has been showing its TV spots a lot lately as well as its sneak peek trailer in AMC theaters to promote the upcoming mini-series.

The History Channel's website for Hatfields & McCoys has been updating and adding more contents recently in anticipation for the mini-series. More Videos has been added including Web Exclusives, Bios (unfortunately, Jena's not included in one of these videos), and Sneak Peeks. More info About Hatfields & McCoys and The Hatfield & McCoys Feud.In addition, you can Download the Soundtrack on iTunes or Order the Soundtrack from Amazon.

We learn more about Jena Malone's character Nancy McCoy (see episode stills below) in Hatfield & McCoys: Who's Who?


Jena plays Nancy McCoy, niece to Bill Paxton's Randall McCoy character...

Also, here are a two promotional episode stills featuring Jena Malone as Nancy McCoy from The History Channel's "Hatfields & McCoys" miniseries, which airs three nights (May 28, 29, and 30) starting on Memorial Day, May 28.

Hatfields & McCoys: Jena Malone as Nancy McCoy

 (source: photos by Chris Large/The History Channel)

View more episode stills in the link below...
Gallery: Scenes from 'Hatfields & McCoys' miniseries - via The Herald Dispatch

As the History Channel's website for Hatfields & McCoys has been updated with more contents, in anticipation for the mini-series, viewers can join the online conversation (Are you a Hatfield or a McCoy?) by tweeting hashtags: #Hatfields or #McCoys to support their fan favorite. They can also follow @HistoryChannel for updates.

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