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In Remembrance of 9/11: We Remember 10 Years Later

Today marks the 10th year anniversary of 9-11 (Sept. 11th, 2001). Our lives has forever changed after that devastating 9/11 tragedy. As we pause today to remember the innocent victims (and their families) who lost their lives from the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City on that horrible day, the brave men and women survivors, the brave and courageous firefighters and policemen who risked and lost their lives to save others. Lets keep them in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers. They shall never be forgotten. We will never forget that horrible day, the victims, the survivors, and those heroes (who are still with us) who risked and sacrificed their lives to kept us safe on that day, after that day and all these years and has protected our country and nation. God Bless them all!

Never Forget (In Loving Memory of)
All the Pilots, Flight Attendants, and passengers who died in United and American Airlines Flights 11 (twin towers in NYC), 77 (Pentagon in Arlington, VA), 175 (twin towers in NYC)
United Airlines Flight 93 (near Shanksville, Pennsylvania)
All lives lost inside the twin towers (World Trade Center in NYC)
NY Firefighters (343) who lost their lives
Policemen (and women) who lost their lives

Always in our hearts and prayers

Families, friends and loved ones of victims
Survivors and their families
Heroes: Firefighters and police men/women, etc.

We remember 10 years later today and in loving memory of all the lives lost, the survivors, the heroes (whom we are always thankful and grateful for) and all the sacrifices made that horrific day. God Bless them and their families and loved ones. God Bless the USA! God bless other countries and their people whose families and friends lost their lives at the World Trade Center. God Bless us ALL! We will never forget!



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