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Casting Rumors: Keira Knightley to star in 'Cosmopolis' film with Twilight's Robert Pattinson?

Elizabeth Bennet and Edward Cullen in Cosmopolis?

Keira Knightley is currently in rehearsals and is getting ready for her starring role in this weekend's West End production of Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour (preview performances starts Jan. 22nd with opening night performances on Feb. 9th through April 30th) with Elizabeth Moss and Ellen Burstyn, but wide spread movie casting rumors about her being cast in a new film currently in development/pre-production (filming in May 2011 in Toronto and New York), Cosmopolis starring Robert Pattinson (Twilight movies) has been the talk all over the web this week with director David Cronenberg directing the film, who recently directed Keira in the upcoming film, A Dangerous Method (see First stills of Keira Knightley in 'A Dangerous Method' film).

This is very interesting because various movie websites were reporting this like it's official news, yet she's not confirmed, but with Cronenberg in the helm, she is likely to be cast in this film (we shall see) and she'll be done with The Children's Hour just before filming begins for this film. A Cosmopolis movie fansite (check it out! It's very informative and has updated news all about the film and they seemed to like KK there) was first to report this and noticed Keira's name added in the producer’s website (earlier in the week) and was the first to report about the casting changes for Cosmopolis film with this article: Out with Marion. In with Keira Knightley?

If you're confused about what I'm talking about here, lol...you can read more about this in the film stage article or here, as both sites explained the Cosmopolis casting confusion.

Anyway, EW.com:
Cotillard isn’t the only actor to have left the project. Colin Farrell was originally attached to play the leading role in the feature, but was replaced by Pattinson when he dropped out. As for Cotillard’s replacement: Internet rumors claim Keira Knightley will fill the Inception actress’ shoes, but Knightley’s rep told EW that nothing could be confirmed at this time
Hmm, they're neither confirming or denying it...so it probably means she's in negotiations at the moment. Who knows if she will join the cast or not. Will find out soon enough when more cast are officially announced. Stay tune! I'll keep you all posted. For now, it's still casting rumors...

Though, it's interesting that the imdb page for Cosmopolis just updated and added Keira on the cast list along side Robert Pattinson. That's not to say imdb is often correct with casting info as it can be altered, but it's still an interesting development there nonetheless as they often updated the cast list info. when actors drop from the casting or casting changes has been made. Another interesting thing is that KK (25) and RP (24) are close in age, KK's just a year older than him and their characters' ages are close to their ages as well. 

Here's the synopsis for Cosmopolis (from the producer’s website):
Eric, a 28 year old "golden boy", turned his life into a violent and obsessive microcosm of today’s world, above which a looming shadow leads to the worship of “matter” above all things. A frenetic and visual work in a unity of space and time, 24 hours in New York.
And if Keira is cast in this film, she might play the following role of (Cosmopolis movie fansite)...
Elise Schifrin, Eric’s new wife, yet almost a stranger. She is an heiress and a poet. Chance meetings with Elise punctuate Eric’s strange day.
Speaking of KK and RP...this will be another interesting P&P/Twillight connection.
If Keira ends up joining Robert in this film, she will be the latest addition in the P&P/Twilight connection I mentioned in this blog previously...

Reposting this here...
FYI: Talulah Riley co-starring with Robert Pattinson (pre-Twilight saga films) in this film, The Summer House, her P&P co-star (youngest sister Lydia Bennet) Jena Malone co-starred with Cam Gigandet (who played evil vampire tracker James in Twilight, the first film from the Twilight series) in the upcoming film Five Star Day, while eldest P&P sister/co-star (Jane Bennet) Rosamund Pike and former Twilight and Twilight Saga: New Moon star Rachelle Lefevre (who portrayed baddie vampire Victoria in the first two films of the Twilight saga films) co-starred/appeared together in two films Fugitive Pieces and the upcoming Barney's Version.



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