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Watch the trailer for 'Any Human Heart' starring Matthew Macfadyen and Tom Hollander

According to Matthew Macfadyen News, the much anticipated broadcast and promotion of the adaptation of the best selling novel, 'Any Human Heart' (starring former P&P co-stars Matthew Macfadyen and Tom Hollander), has launched and will broadcast on November 21, 2010 on Channel 4 in the UK.

The trailer can be seen here or watch it below (after the cut). I also made some screen caps from the trailer featuring MM! Unfortunately, no TH on the trailer, but lots of MM sure more than made up for the lack of him, lol.

Check out photos of Matthew and Tom with Gillian Anderson filming 'Any Human Heart' and see more Matthew in Navy whites here!

Watch the preview trailer below...

Any Human Heart trailer screen captures 
featuring Matthew Macfadyen

Also, UK's The Telegraph interviewed William Boyd on filming Any Human Heart and it featured a few stills from Any Human Heart featuring Matthew Macfadyen and Tom Hollander.

Matthew Macfadyen, Jim Broadbent and Sam Claflin,
who play the three ages of Logan in the four-part adaptation
of William Boyd's novel. (Photo: Joss Barratt)

Matthew Macfadyen as Logan Mountstuart
with Hayley Atwell as his second wife, Freya Deverell.
(Photo: Joss Barratt)

Tom Hollander and Gillian Anderson as
the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. (Photo: Joss Barrat)



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