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Stills, on set photos, and trailer for Rupert Friend's 'Lullaby for Pi' film

Several stills, on set photos, and a trailer for Rupert Friend's new film, Lullaby for Pi (title is now just Lullaby), which he co-stars with Clémence Poésy, Forest Whitaker, and Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break) has just been released recently. The film is now completed, but No U.S. theatrical release date yet. Theatrical release in France will be on December 1st 2010 and in Canada on February 14th 2011.

Check out the following (more Lullaby for Pi stills, on set photos, trailer and more...after the cut)...

 Lullaby for Pi stills featuring Rupert Friend as Sam

(source: Heavenly Rupert Friend)

On Set photos featuring Rupert Friend

Watch the trailer


(source: sortiescinema

Since his wife Josephine died, Sam lost his way. Abandoning the bar where he used to perform dazzling concerts, he spends his nights alone in the hotel room where he first met her. The concierge, George, his best friend and mischievous guardian angel, takes on to shaking Sam’s world by messing with the hotel keys. One night, a distressed girl thus burst into Sam’s shelter and locks herself in the bathroom.

Lulled by Sam’s comforting voice, Pi, as fragile and mysterious as her name, suggests an odd seductive game: to meet again in this hotel room, to open up night after night through the bathroom door and to open it only when they’ll be ready to love each other. Pi is the spark that Sam was waiting for to fire up his world and come back to life and on stage again. (Source: Forecast Pictures) 
Also, it will be showing in a Flash Forward Competition at the 15th Pusan (Busan) International Film Festival (Emerging European talent gather at Asia's leadig film fest) 
The 15th Pusan (Busan) International Film Festival will be holding its second annual Flash Forward competition, opening with 11 films from Europe and Australia vying for an award of $20,000 (22.3 million won).  For Benoit Philippon’s directorial first, ``Lullaby for Pi’’ balances abstract concepts of timelessness, love and hope with a celebrity cast including Academy Award-winner Forest Whitaker, Rupert Friend (``Pride and Prejudice’’) and Clemence Poesy (``Harry Potter,’’ ``Gossip Girl’’).

The story follows the life of a jazz singer widower (Friend), who one night crosses paths with his hotel neighbor _ a young woman (Poesy) who locks herself into the bathroom following a fight with her neighbor. Meeting through the wall separating their rooms, the two begin to open their hearts to each other, though both are afraid to face what’s on the other side. The filmmaker, a 10-year scriptwriter whose influences include Wong Kar Wai and Frank Capra, combines the look of a vintage hotel with an everything-goes ambiance of possibility and optimism.

``It’s not supposed to be realistic, but like in a fairly tale,’’ Philippon said over the weekend. The French director said the hotel lobby of the film _ managed by ``guardian angel’’ Forest Whitaker ― is transformed into a purgatory that the two estranged characters find themselves in. ``The question is if you have the guts to open the door, because then you can reach for something higher.’’



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