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Pride & Prejudice director Joe Wright tied the knot and is expecting a baby too!

Looks like Talulah Riley (see previous post: Talulah Riley marries her long time fiancee Elon Musk) wasn't the only one who got married late last month. Her former Pride & Prejudice director Joe Wright (who was previously engaged to Rosamund Pike, which they split in 2008. Read more: Rosamund Pike talks about ex-fiancé/P&P director Joe Wright) also tied the knot to Sitar player and composer Anoushka Shankar (younger half-sister of multiple Grammy Award winner Norah Jones) in a private ceremony in London last September 26th. Not too mention, they are expecting their first bundle of joy too! Looks like JW (photo Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment) found his Mrs. Wright! Congrats to his new marriage and baby Wright on the way!

Here's article mentioning the wedding and baby news from DNA India:

Romance Across Continents
It was a casual conversation at a private party (hosted by celebrated author William Dalrymple in New Delhi, March 2009) that did the trick. Both musician Anoushka Shankar and British filmmaker Joe Wright (of Pride and Prejudice and Atonement fame) got engrossed in a conversation that never seemed to end.

“From that moment we could hardly bear to spend a day apart, and followed each other around the world to concert halls and film sets across four continents. We moved in together after just three months, and the rest was history!” reveals Anoushka.

Anoushka and Joe tied the knot on 26th September in London. It was a private affair, attended by friends and family members.“A wedding is a private, spiritual affair. And I wanted to keep that sanctity,” says Anoushka, who’s expecting their first child. Read more...
Read more JW wedding/baby news related articles below... 
Updated 10/11/10

Not surprised that the media just caught on with this news and had to add multiple unconfirmed sources/rumors about Rosamund Pike's reaction to her ex-fiancee Joe Wright's recent wedding and baby news that Rosamund Pike devastated as her ex weds Ravi Shankar's girl (Daily Mail), lol.

I doubt Rosamund is devastating, she was probably surprised as they were engaged and was about to marry two years ago (Sept. 2008), but he split with her at the last minute...it probably was still painful to her, but she's over it...as her recent interview (Rosamund Pike: From reluctant English rose to Britain's new screen queen) she mentioned about being "happily single". She's moved on and has nothing but good things to say about JW her interviews post their break-up (she barely even talked about him). She's probably happy for him. I'm sure she'll eventually find her own Mr. Right someday...it's just wasn't Joe Wright, lol.

What's interesting though was the gossip/tabloids/blogs reporting rumors and not checking their facts straight about this part of her canceled wedding invitations with JW back in 2008...
Rosamund, 31, was due to marry Wright in September 2008 but the wedding was cancelled after she sent out invitations with the couple pictured in a hot tub. 

If they bothered to do their research (all they had to do was google search, lol) and find RP's actual interview (Rosamund Pike talks about ex-fiancé/P&P director Joe Wright) from last year when she promoted An Education, she said about the wedding invitations...
"I still have no idea why Joe called off the wedding. He was never clear about it. Part of what makes it so confusing. Our Save the Date cards had been sent out; Save the Date cards which had a 1950s-style picture of the two of us in LA, taken by a friend at Christmas, done like an old-fashioned postcard with slightly unreal colours - we'd both designed it and the design was to make people laugh! Which it did! - but no invitations. My mother had to write to everyone to say that the wedding was no longer going to take place. I also think that the stories about Joe being seen in lapdancing clubs are false. It really doesn't sound like him."

But it was an incredibly public humiliation and still, she claims, a mystery to her as much as anyone. Perhaps she was always keener on getting married than he was. Perhaps he felt pressured. At all events she refuses to condemn him - "I still think he's an extraordinary man, I really do" - and says, wanly: "I don't think you ever get over something like that, do you?"



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