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New 'Steve' stills, posters, and teaser trailer featuring Colin Firth

Empire Online has new stills (including one I've already posted here) and a teaser trailer (featuring in Rupert FriendColin Firth is also featured in one of the two posters (from Sweet-Keira) of Steve as well.

Check out the following...

Steve - Posters featuring  Colin Firth
(source: Sweet-Keira)

Steve - Stills featuring Colin Firth,
Keira Knightley, and Tom Misson 
(source: Empire Online)

The teaser trailer doesn't give away much about Steve though, it only features Colin Firth (just sitting quietly in a bed... lol) in the title role, who is an increasingly regular visitor to his upstairs neighbours, Keira Knightley and Tom Mison.

(source: Empire Online)

Steve screens in the short film category (Close Friends and Family Only) at the London Film Festival on October 21st. Expect Rupert Friend to be there at the screening as he directed it, Keira Knightley, of course. Colin Firth and Tom Mison might be there as well.



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