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More 'Lullaby' stills and Rupert Friend sings in Lullaby movie and Soundtrack too!

More stills of Rupert Friend (as well as movie poster, see to your left) in his new film, Lullaby (formerly titled Lullaby for Pi), in theatrical release in France on December 1st 2010 and in Canada on February 14th 2011.

Check out new Lullaby stills below plus hear and listen Rupert singing two songs from the Lullaby Soundtrack (after the cut)...

View several more Lullaby stills featuring RF
at the awesome Heavenly Rupert Friend forum

Also, looks like Rupert sings too, not only in the film, but also in the Lullaby Soundtrack! Can't wait to see RF in this film! He can definitely sing (I recommend you see him in the movie, Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont singing the song, "For All We Know" and looks like he is singing in Jolene [in select theaters today in New York and Santa Fe! Coming soon in Los Angeles, Seattle, Palm Springs, and Vancouver, B.C.] too...he has a lovely singing voice!)

Check out and listen to Rupert singing "Declaration" and a duet called "Suddenly" with co-star Clémence Poésy from the folk/jazz genre Lullaby soundtrack (which featured , the catchy tune from the Lullaby trailer)

or listen below...


Plus, Lullaby now has a Facebook page (in French though) too, check it out!



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