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Jolene trailer, poster, and a still featuring Rupert Friend

Rupert Friend's Jolene film, which he filmed a long time ago is finally going to be released in theaters. It'll be in limited release October 29th (on Friday this week)!

Here are more info about this film...

Jolene starring  Dermot Mulroney, Rupert Friend as Coco Lerger, a transplanted New Orleans tattoo artist now living in Phoenix,  Michael Vartan, Chazz Palminteri, Frances Fisher, Denise Richards, and introducing Jessica Chastain.   

Jolene still featuring Jessica Chastain and Rupert Friend

Check out the following Jolene synopsis, poster, trailer, and trailer screen caps featuring RF after the cut...

Synopsis (via the official website for Jolene):

Based on the unforgettable story “Jolene: A Life” by one of America’s most celebrated writers, E.L. Doctorow (Ragtime, Billy Bathgate), Jolene is the provocative tale of a young girl who, after surviving a series of abusive foster homes, marries a less-than-adequate young man for a short time to escape her situation. The film follows her on a ten-year journey across America – from rural South Carolina to Phoenix to Las Vegas, then to Tulsa and finally Hollywood in her pursuit of love and independence.

From age fifteen to twenty-five, Jolene overcomes a myriad of adversity, surviving five defining chapters and threading herself through the lives of others and then finally finding her own path in life. Moving from state to state, from the hope of each new relationship to its inevitable downfall, Jolene's is a story of a survivor whose will and zest shine through against all odds.        

Told in bold brushstrokes with humor and heartbreak, Jolene is the tale of a beautiful young woman as she navigates her way across America in search of a life worth living - it is a film that lingers in the mind, and hopefully one you are not likely to forget.

Collider.com has the following Exclusive Trailer and Poster for JOLENE 
Jolene Movie poster
  (source: Collider.com)

Watch the trailer below
(source: Collider.com)

I made the following....
Jolene Trailer Screen Captures featuring Rupert Friend



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