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New Rosamund Pike Interview

The UK's Daily Mail has a new (and very interesting read) Rosamund Pike (photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Europe) Interview as she promotes her new films Made In Dagenham (in theaters October 1st in the UK and November 19th in the US) and Barney's Version.

Here's an excerpts of her interview:

Rosamund Pike
: From reluctant English rose to Britain's new screen queen

Rosamund Pike and I are meeting for lunch in a pub near London’s Old Vic theatre. Not because she’s appearing in a show there, but because the kitchen serves the likes of deep-fried pig’s head, cold roast beef on dripping toast and lamb sweetbreads. Just scanning the menu makes me blanch, but the 31-year-old former Bond girl – Keira Knightley’s sister in Pride and Prejudice and Carey Mulligan’s friend in An Education – hasn’t tried offal before, and what is the point of life if not the giddy accumulation of lovely, new experiences?

Rosamund Pike was born in London. Her parents Julian and Caroline were opera singers – he is now a professor at the Birmingham Conservatoire – which made for a peripatetic childhood in Europe, where she mastered both French and German and learned piano and cello. When the family returned to Britain when she was seven, she went on to win a scholarship to fee-paying Badminton School in Bristol, alma mater of Iris Murdoch, after sitting an entrance exam for which she was completely untutored. 

‘I had never sat any sort of test before. It didn’t bode well when we arrived at this incredibly grand school, where the other parents were emerging from BMWs, and the exhaust pipe of our ancient Volvo estate fell off at the top of the drive so that we had to freewheel down it. As I sat in the examination room, I could see people setting out elaborate picnics while my mother chatted to the RAC man. Because it was my first ever exam, I had no idea you weren’t allowed to talk, and I got a terrible telling off because the girl next to me was upset and I asked her if she needed any help.’

She was reportedly mortified by this end to their three-year relationship, but won’t discuss it, although it would possibly qualify as one of those scrapes she gets into. That was in 2008; these days she says that she’s ‘as single as I want to be and as together as I want to be’, with someone she mysteriously alludes to as a ‘fellow adventurer’.

‘Being single has propelled me into some amazing adventures,’ she muses. ‘After what happened, I have nothing to lose any more; I’m not scared of being heartbroken, because love is always going to take you somewhere new and frightening and wonderful. When you spend time in a couple, that starts to define you and, while it was fun, I’ve discovered that it’s also fun being me. I might meet someone tomorrow or in two years and that’s fine. Meanwhile, I get to live out the most glorious love affairs on screen. How fabulous is that?’
Read Rosamund Pike's full interview at UK's Daily Mail...

Also, here's another Made In Dagenham related interview as well as her other new film, Johnny English Reborn with Rowan Atkinson...

Made In Dagenham - Rosamund Pike interview

Interesting fact
Pike writes, mainly travel articles for the broadsheets, is currently working on a screenplay and has been approached with a book deal, of which she says: ‘I think they want anecdotes, memoirs of the film industry, that sort of thing, but I am not really ready to do that yet.’
Pike: Fun being Johnny English girl
Rosamund revealed: "Although it's Bond spoof, it's nothing like being a Bond girl, because I've got a very interesting role to play actually. Not that the character in the Bond film wasn't interesting but, I don't get to play with guns of fight. There is a scene in a car, so there is an element of Bond about it. But she's quite a funny character."

The Made In Dagenham star revealed Rowan personally requested her to star in the sequel to his James Bond spoof.

She said: "Rowan Atkinson came after he saw An Education and wanted me to do this part in the Johnny English film for him. It's a very, very funny script."



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