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New Caleb Grusing Interview

Last time I did a Q&A with Caleb Grusing was about 5 months ago (February 12th) and just a week after P&P 2010 Cast was announced and he was cast as Mr. Darcy in a new modern adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel, Pride and Prejudice.

Caleb Grusing (photo by Alex Forsett), as everyone (who have been reading this blog) should know by now, is co-starring with Maia Petee (Elizabeth Bennet) in Pride and Prejudice: A Modern Day Tale of First Impressions from writer/producer/director 's independent production company PaperCut Productions LLC.

As I previously mentioned here, filming officially wrapped for P&P 2010 last month (June 27th), but they have about 8-9 more make up scenes to shoot started Tuesday (July 13th), Saturday (July 17th), and Sunday (July 18th). I started this interview with Caleb just before filming wrapped (late last month) for his P&P movie and he was awesome enough to let me do another interview with him here for this blog, even though he was pretty busy with other film projects and commercial ads he was doing in between filming P&P...he still made time for my lil' blog here and always quick to reply too. Not too mention, he answered all my questions and provided me all the photos and info of his upcoming projects here. Such an amazing gentleman, he is! Thanks a lot, Caleb! :) 

Read my new interview with Caleb below (after the cut)...

Catching up with Caleb Grusing
  ~*~ the new Mr. Darcy ~*~

After lots of preparation and anxiously waiting for weeks/months, what was it like to finally start filming your P&P film?
It was awesome to finally get it going. There had been so much built up energy and tension that when it finally got here I could hardly believe it. I truly can't wait to see how the film is going to come out.
What was your first day like filming?
I have to tell you, before I actually got to set everything that could go wrong did, but once I finally got there it was surreal. There is always so much going on, so the challenge is to try and block all that out, so when you get in front of the camera you aren't talking as yourself but as your character.
What was the atmosphere like on set with your co-stars/other cast/crew?
On set, everyone is very cordial. Almost too social, we have to get some filming done sometimes too!! They are a blast and I have really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning a little bit about each person. Everyone pitches in also, which is nice.
What was the first scene you filmed? Last scene? (if you have filmed your last scene yet...)
We jumped straight into it and filmed the first proposal scene (see a 15 sec teaser clip here) right off the bat. It was slow to start, then became very tense. I am excited to see it. Last scene I filmed was "accidentally" bumping into Elizabeth at Pemberly. Still have some more scenes to go, but I'm feeling good about the energy and rapport.
What was/were your favorite scene(s) to film from P&P? Your favorite line(s)?
This may make me sound bad, but I really loved filming the ball scene where The Bingleys and Darcy are first introduced and seem kind of snotty, haha...We had so many great extras!! So many good lines, it is tough to choose, but I really loved saying, Elizabeth wasn't pretty enough to tempt me. She was dressed incredibly gorgeous, so it was funny.
Your P&P film is mostly filmed on the weekends, what other side projects did you do on weekdays?
The weekdays have been going pretty crazy also, recently. I got to do a trailer (see it below!) for a book called Skin Map and I am so pumped about how it came out. I got to do a national commercial for a social network website called Fubar.com (see photos below) or Social Concepts. The same company used me and Maia for a media billboard ad that will be shown in Times Square!! (It will run on the 8th and 9th of July...continuous!!) Can't tell you how excited I am. There are also some other projects in the works, coming up very soon and I will keep you posted on those for certain.

Watch The Skin Map Book Trailer featuring Caleb Grusing!

or watch it below...

The Skin Map Book Trailer from Magnus Creative on Vimeo.

See Caleb's Skin Map screen caps (I made) below... 

View the rest of Caleb's screen caps in the album below...

Caleb Grusing - Skin Map Book trailer (Screen Captures)

Caleb's Fubar Photo Shoots

(photos by Hans Damkoehler  videovloom

Fubar Billboard Ads in NY's Times Square
(just debuted late last week!)
(photos by Social Concepts | Caleb Grusing)

Two most popular Darcy actors, Colin Firth ('95 P&P) and Matthew Macfadyen (2005 P&P) both have their own Darcy moments in each of their own P&P TV/Film versions. Firth has his infamous wet shirt/lake scene and Macfadyen has his fan favorite walk on the misty morning scene and the Darcy bust in Pemberley scene." In your P&P version, what would be your Darcy moment that fans will be looking forward to seeing and talk about after seeing this film?
I don't know if I can spill the beans. Bonnie has something in the works for the fans that I hope they will like. I really like some of the more modern day scenarios Mr. Darcy is in now. Just have to check out the final cut and see what you like. I enjoyed all of it.
I heard that the cast and crew of this film were having so much fun on the set, when is the last day of filming and will you miss the cast and crew?
We have a wonderful time talking with each other. They are all characters in real life too! I will certainly miss them, but even more I can't wait to see what they go on to achieve after this.
What would you say, you will missed the most about your experience filming P&P?
I will miss the camaraderie and interacting with everyone on set. It is always so grueling when you are in the middle of it, but once the experience is complete, there is nothing that can take its place. I absolutely love this business and couldn't see another that could substitute the feeling of accomplishment.
After you wrapped filming P&P, what's next for you? What other new project(s) are you signed on and is/are currently working on?
After P&P, I have got a great little short film called Doveshire Road, who have been so patient working with me while my schedule is helter skelter right now. I've got a few other auditions coming up for features of different types, which I will definitely let you know how that goes and waiting to hear on a callback to possibly be one of a few hosts for a very cool new reality show!

Here are some interesting info. on a few of Caleb's upcoming film projects...

Doveshire Road (click on link for more info. about the film on its official Facebook page)
Synopsis: It's about 2 (Ethan and Julie) people that meet under bad circumstances but end up being the answer for each other.
Plot Outline: When life takes a turn you least expect...who will help you pick up the pieces? 
Cast: Caleb Grusing, Christine Miller (see more cast here!)

Doveshire Road Promotional Photos 
of Caleb Grusing (as Ethan) and co-star Christine Miller (as Julie)

Drowning (another short film)...
This film is expected to be released very soon. It will be submitted to all major festival venues. A private screening is scheduled for July 22nd at the Esquire Theatre in Denver. Caleb will be attending the private screening, of course.

According to Caleb:
Drowning is a sad story following a guy who is spiraling downward. He gets divorced was left by his wife and then everything kind of goes worse and worse. He meets a bartender who is kind of nice to him and they kind of share stories. I play a dark character who is very mean to the main guy.
Here's a nice still of Caleb on Drowning...
(still photo by white card productions | creative coop media | caleb grusing)

And Caleb just informed me, that he recently got a small role as Bob, in a new horror/grindhouse film, Killer Ink (See Imdb page for Killer Ink too or its official Facebook page for more info!) starring Peter Mayhew (aka Chewbacca in Star Wars movies). He is co-starring again with Christine Miller (his Doveshire Road and Down Angel co-star). It just started filming this past week (July 9th). It is scheduled for an October 29th (Halloween) release!

To Be Continued...!
(Yes, more Caleb Grusing interview...coming up shortly! Stay tune for part 2!) 


  1. it's fun to read about the production of the movie. :D Hi Caleb! (lol "Elizabeth Darcy" says you read the comments)


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