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Inception tops U.S. box-office again with $43.5 Million

Another great weekend for Talulah Riley's new film Inception, which she co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to name a few (and has a very small role as Blonde) is #1 again with an estimated $43.5 million (final total will be released on Monday afternoon) at this weekend's box-office beating the opening of Angelina Jolie's new released film, "Salt," which opened to a strong but $7 million below last week's #1, Inception, retaining its #1 title and lead. Inception also made an impressive $13 million last Friday, while Salt made $12 M. Inception, according to Box Office Mojo, now has an estimated 10-day total of $143,663,000 domestic gross, while in foreign it grossed a total of $84 M...with a worldwide total of $227,663,000.

Have you seen this movie? I saw this movie last week in the movie theater and I thought it was great. I will post my review very soon. Unfortunately, Talulah Riley only appeared very briefly, like a few quick scenes...but she was in a great scene with her co-star, hotties Leo DiCaprio and Cillian Murphy (who also co-starred with Keira Knightley in The Edge of Love) and another with Ken Watanabe as well as passing by Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt! So, not too bad for Talulah to be a part of this film even for a few brief scenes, lol. Not too mention, she got to be in a movie with Leo and it's #1 for two weeks in a row now. Yay for Talulah! :)

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