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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Watch Kelly Reilly as the maid on her short film, 'Starched'

Watch this very interesting short film, "Starched" starring Kelly Reilly (Caroline Bingley). It's pretty good and funny...WOW! Definitely, wacky and stylish! Loves it! Kelly plays the maid. I love the sound of her ironing sheets on an ironing board, lol. Her evil grin and stares reminded me a bit of her Caroline Bingley character on P&P when she was being sarcastic to Elizabeth Bennet. Kelly's a pretty good actress especially when she plays the bad girl character, lol.

Anyway, check it out and watch her below!

[source: cathlec]
Wacky, stylish short film with Kelly Reilly. Multiple award winner on the festival circuit including: Best CinematographyBrief Encounters, Canal Plus Best Short, Best Short – Milan, Best Photography – Barcelona Film Festival.

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