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Pride & Prejudice Deleted Scenes?

A few things I wished the P&P DVD would've included in the special features department were: Deleted or Extended Scenes, Outtakes, and  Matthew Macfadyen audition/reading with Keira Knightley. Also, a Commentary with Keira & Matthew would be cool too as well as Cast Dance Rehearsal clips...though we've seen a few of them included in the behind the scenes clips on the HBO First Look and A Bennet Family Portrait featurettes....and these awesome P&P '05 Diaries (Video Clips links) (I think the UK/International DVD included these documentary or was shown on TV for P&P Promo...but I'm not quite sure...) as lots of clips there in those behind the scenes showed some potential deleted scenes.
Speaking of deleted scenes...almost two years ago, I posted here about these possible P&P 05: Deleted Scenes Photos and always wondered if there are more (there were clips of them on the P&P '05 Diaries)...The 2005 Pride & Prejudice film will be 5 years in September and I hope they'll release these and the following deleted scenes video clips below (I think the Netherfield ball dance clips with just Darcy & Lizzie dancing were included on either the HBO First Look and A Bennet Family Portrait featurettes or on the P&P Diaries documentary

Check out and watch these two possible deleted scenes (one from P&P trailer) you may or may not have seen before...

Darcy on stairs as Lydia and Kitty dances
while Lizzie watches from a distance (like the viewers does...)

[source: EBD05]

Screen Cap...
Deleted Scenes of just Darcy & Lizzie
dancing at Netherfield Ball

[source: EBD05]
Screen caps...
(note: sorry, they're not HQ...the video isn't in good quality)
Also...as previously seen by all of you by now, but I thought I'd repost
them below (if you haven't yet)...

Possible P&P 05 Deleted Scenes Photos 
or just Promotional Photos?

Elizabeth & Darcy Second Proposal scene
(noticed the white gown she wore at Netherfield Ball?)

Elizabeth Bennet in a wedding gown???
(But it was a similar gown she wore at Netherfield...)

What do you think? Any thoughts? Want to share them? Feel free to comment below...


  1. Wow! That's really fascinating - thanks for sharing (especially the videos, which I'd never seen)! I'd never thought of those publicity pics as being from a deleted scene, but. . . who knows?

    And the wedding gown (which she also seems to be wearing in those two B&W pics) - I always just assumed it was the Netherfield Ball dress, but maybe it is slightly different. . . how tantalising, the possiblity of there having being a P&P 2005 wedding scene (of sorts)!

    I agree, I would have loved to have seen some deleted scenes on the P&P DVD. There was a two-disc special edition of P&P that was released here in Australia (I don't whether some of the content was different to the American release or not) which I haven't bought yet - shocking for a die-hard P&P05 fan like me, LOL! I hope it's still available. . . I've probably seen a few of the special features from that edition on YT already, but I'd still love to have a copy.

    A 5th anniversary edition of P&P! Yes please!! (And I can't believe it's been 5 years already!)

    Oh, and the glimpse of Lizzy we see in the stairs scene appears to be where this picture came from, which had always confused me before because I couldn't figure which scene it was from in the film:


    Fascinating stuff! :-D


  2. Thank you soooo much for this!!! You are amazing Jeane.I´ve been searching desperately for some deleted scenes since I first saw the movie and when I was hopeless I found this.Please Mr Joe Wright hear us and release those scenes in the next DVD edition!

  3. You're welcome Elise and anonymous. :) Glad to have shared this with you and everyone. Thanks for commenting. It was great to hear/read your thoughts about these possible P&P deleted scenes. :)

    I definitely would love Joe Wright, Working Title, Focus Features, and Universal Pictures (if they ever read this, lol) to release deleted scenes and outtakes next time they released a special dvd collector's edition. Us, P&P Fans would so love to see them and wouldn't mind buying another copy, lol. There seems to be a lot of possible deleted scenes that the P&P Diaries as well as BTS photos has shown us, but they never included on the dvd. Also, I know there are outtakes out there as there was a clip of Judi Dench in her Lady Catherine character during "the dinner at Rosings" scene (you can see a clip of this on the P&P diaries videos) laughing in between takes and pics of BTS/on set pics of Keira and Rosamund laughing during the Bennets dinner scene. I'm sure they have plenty of them. I hope we see them someday.

    The dvd was great but lack those two potential (deleted/extended and outtakes) featurettes that would've made the best DVD extras for this film 'cause the other extras were great. Loved watching them especially the Bennet girls just having so much fun on the set. They really bonded and enjoyed filming this film for 3 months. It'll be 6 years next month (July) since they were having so much fun filming this amazing and beautiful film...and 5 years in September (when it was released)...can't believe it's been 5 years either. It seems just like yesterday...yet this film never seems to get old (there's always something new and interesting I discover upon my countless times of repeated viewings, lol) and the quality still remains the best of any Jane Austen films I've seen (in my opinion, of course).

    Elise, interesting about that Keira as Lizzie promo where she was sitting down at Neitherfield Ball. I wondered the same about it...and looks like that deleted scene with Darcy on the stairs looking down and Lydia and Kitty dancing while Lizzie watch...now we know she was sitting down from a distance from that pic...fascinating, indeed. Thanks for bringing up that promo photo. Now, it made sense where that scene was from. :)

  4. Yes,you are right,makes sense!

    I read the script you posted here and there are a few new scenes.Do you think they were really filmed?
    That scene with Darcy galloping appears in the trailer.But I would love to see when Lizzie says to her father that Darcy´s got something to tell him after the second proposal and I would pay anything to see the WEDDING SCENE!!!!

  5. When you read the script, there was a wedding scene at the end. I would have loved to seen any of the deleted cuts especially this one.I agree with all of you, there should have benn deleted scenes and outtakes, they would have been so funny!I also wanted to see the Mr Darcy and Lizzy sharing a look at the ball scene, that would have added to the romantic/hate moments in that ball chapter.The scene in that is in the trailer where Mr Darcy is riding his horse, dissapointed not to see that epesically since Matthew Mcfayden looked hot in it.I love this film so it is a shame that they didnt put it in and i hope the producers or someone relise how much of a fanbase this perticular film has and release them soon.

  6. Hi can you please tell me where can i watch the director's commentary online? i tried to search but couldn't find.


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