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Thursday, June 24, 2010

More promotional stills, video interviews, official website, and more of Tom Hollander's new 'Rev' series

As I've posted here four days ago, Tom Hollander is set to star in new BBC Two sitcom 'Rev'. Now, I found more more info about his new TV series, he co-created, which will premiere June 28th in UK's BBC2 channel (lucky UK fans will get to see TH on TV!).

The official website for Rev is now up (update: The official site is currently down and is not supposed to be officially up yet. Guess, I found it first and posted here too soon, lol. According to @bigtalk via twitter, It will be up very soon! In the meantime, check out the website of REV's production company, Big Talk Productions for the latest news and updates) and has lots of info about this show, promotional photos (which you can see below), video interviews and clips of Tom Hollander, and more! Check it out!

Or check more info below...

REV. - (tagline: It's hell being A Vicar!)
Now, check out the following...

[source: dotbigtalk]

Also, watch the following video clips...
Inner City Church, Inner City Problems - Rev. - Episode 1 Preview - BBC Two

Check out and read An Interview with Tom Hollander and another, Tom Hollander revs up clergy in new sitcom (VIDEO) 

And finally...
Official Promotional Stills
(click to enlarge!)
[source: Rev]

For more on REV, check it out and "Like" the show's page on Facebook and follow it on Twitter for the latest news and updates!

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