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Watch the trailer for Rupert Friend's 'The Kid' film!

In one of his upcoming films for 2010, Rupert Friend stars as Kevin Lewis (the main character/lead role) in The Kid, based on the best-selling autobiography from Kevin Lewis, who also wrote the screenplay for the film.

It recently screened at the
2010 Cannes Film Festival. See the poster for the film to your left (source: Intandem Films) and 
View The Kid Trailer!

Though no official theatrical release date yet. It is set for an October 2010 release date.
View Further Details of The Kid film here.


Most recently, The Kid starring Ruper Friend was screened at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival...see dates for festival screening schedule and more info of the film below as posted at Intandem Films' website.

The Kid

OLYMPIA 6  14/05/2010 14:00
OLYMPIA 4 17/05/2010 14:00

Kevin Lewis never had a chance. Growing up on a poverty‐stricken Council estate in London, beaten and starved by his parents, bullied at school and ultimately abandoned by social services, his life was never his own.Even after he was put into care, he found himself on the streets caught up in a criminal underworld that knew him as "The Kid". But Kevin survived to make a better life for himself. This is his heartbreaking and inspiring true story...

The Kid, filmed on location in Croydon, is based on the best selling autobiography from New Addington born Kevin Lewis, who also wrote the screen pla


Post Production


Nick Moran

Judith Hunt

Principal cast:  
Rupert Friend
Ioan Gruffud
Natascha McElhone
James Fox 



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