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Stage Play: Rosamund Pike's Hedda Gabler Production Photos and Rave Reviews

Finally, there are some production photos of the beautiful and talented Rosamund Pike from her current stage play, Hedda Gabler.

She's been getting rave reviews too for her performance of the title role as well as the play itself.

Here are the production stills of...

 Rosamund Pike as Hedda Gabler
 [source: UK's Telegraph]

[source: Times Online]

 (Photograph: Nobby Clark | UK's The Guardian)

Rosamund Pike/Hedda Gabler Reviews

From Times Online...

Hedda Gabler at the Theatre Royal, Bath

Rating: 4 Stars

On the posters, Rosamund Pike is hoisting two hefty antique pistols on either side of her blown-back blonde hair. This is a Hedda Gabler, you think, who’s going to be sexy, vicious, capricious. A real wicked lady.

(click image to enlarge!)
[RP as Hedda Gabler photo by Theatre Royal Bath]
On stage, though, Adrian Noble’s production gives us something infinitely more interesting. This is a Hedda Gabler that’s performed at a clip, stripped of melodramatic greatness, ponderousness or histrionics. Hedda divides her time between acting in haste and repenting at leisure, but Pike makes us see that her bad behaviour stems from an absence of passion rather than a surfeit of it. She gives us a modern woman drowning in ironies in a marriage of inconvenience. “Here comes the Professor!” she announces, stressing the second syllable of the word, as her bookish husband, Tesman, arrives. Her whole stance is of someone who doesn’t want to be here. Pike quietly suggests that Hedda’s ice-maiden front conceals a horrible fear that front is all there is.

But everyone excels in this ensemble effort. “Men and women don’t belong to the same century,” Ibsen wrote in his notes for the play, and that sense of isolation is enhanced by the age disparity between Pike, who’s 31, and Robert Glenister, who plays Tesman, who’s 49. He’s playing a character that Michael Meyer’s translation suggests should be 33, and his boyishness, his lack of achievement, seems all the more grounds for disillusion because of it. Tim McInnerny’s greasily sonorous Judge Brack has a horrible plausibility about him as he attempts seduction, with a side order of blackmail. General Gabler’s little girl Hedda deserves more than this. Doesn’t she?
Read the full review here!

 From the UK's Telegraph...

Rosamund Pike's performance is the chief glory of Adrian Noble's production of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler. 
Rating: * * * *(4 Stars)
The chief glory of this production is Rosamund Pike’s performance in the title role, once described as the hoop through which every young actress with her eye on greatness must jump. Miss Pike performs this feat with thrilling aplomb.

It helps that she is so luminously beautiful, but Pike doesn’t gloss over her character’s moral ugliness. She may entrance every man who crosses her path but her Hedda is also sexually frigid, wickedly manipulative and a moral coward. Pike conveys all this while also persuading us that Hedda is a genuinely tragic character worth caring about.

If her performance lacks the quicksilver spontaneity that Eve Best brought to the role a few years ago, it has a dangerous, glamorous allure that is deeply thrilling. And the moments when she brandishes her father’s pistols remind us that early in her career Pike was a terrific Bond girl.
Read full interview at UK's Telegraph!

Two more Hedda Gabler Reviews...
UK's The Guardian Review - Hedda Gabler
Hedda Gabler: Theatre Royal, Bath

Hedda Gabler is now touring to Brighton (March 8-13), Richmond (March 15-20), Nottingham (March 22-27) and Oxford (March 29 - April 4). Dates and venue for the West End transfer have not yet been confirmed. Read related article: Rosamund Pike Sets Hedda Dates Pre-West End for more info!

The play comes to Brighton Theatre Royal from Monday March 8–Saturday March 13 (tickets on 08448 717 650). 



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