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Amazing Grace: Rosamund Pike recreates the timeless style of movie legend Grace Kelly

New beautiful photo shoots of Rosamund Pike (photo by Nicky Emmerson), recreating the timeless style of the late movie legend (and Princess of Monaco) Grace Kelly and an article from the UK's The Guardian...

Amazing Grace: The movie icon look for 2010

 From a major V&A exhibition to the look of Mad Men's leading ladies, Grace Kelly is everywhere this spring.

Actor Rosamund Pike pulls on her white gloves and travels to Monaco to recreate her timeless style
 Half a century later, there is something of the Kelly lineage in Rosamund Pike, the young actor with the cool-drink-of-water good looks who gamely agreed to model this season's take on the Grace Kelly look in Monaco for us. Pike wrote in Vogue last year about the experience of playing the adorable, childlike, Monroe-esque character of Helen in An Education – a comic role she played to delicious perfection – and how differently cast and crew related to her, compared with her experiences playing more arch, aloof blondes. "Kelly put a lot of space around her, which enabled audiences to project a lot," is how Pike pegs the Kelly magic. She's right: there's something self-possessed about Kelly, which seems subtly to reinforce her personal space. Those white gloves remind us to keep at arm's length. Mention iciness, however – Vogue, after all, dubbed Kelly "as remote as a Snow Queen" – and Pike comes to her defence: "I don't see icy at all. No. Icy suggests hardness. She had a way of being untouchable without being cold. She was intensely natural and fresh and feminine. What do I see? Grace, I suppose, as in the noun."
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Check out gorgeous new photos of Rosamund as Grace Kelly below...

Rosamund Pike recreates the timeless style 
of movie legend Grace Kelly
 (click images to enlarge!)
Cashmere and silk ­cardigan £439, by D&G, from Harrods.
Silk dress £4,445, leather belt, £535, and ­raffia wedge sandals, £500, all by Bottega Veneta.
Earrings £120, by Erickson Beamon.
Lace gloves £35, by Cornelia James.
Photograph: Nicky Emmerson

Dress £2,435, by Stella McCartney.
Straw hat £462, by Rachel Trevor-Morgan.
Photograph: Nicky Emmerson
Silk kimono £1,805, by Antonio ­Berardi, from Harrods.
Dress £800, by Antonio Berardi, from brownsfashion.com.
Necklace £288, by Basia Zarzycka.
Photograph: Nicky Emmerson 

Linen dress £1,335, by Yves Saint Laurent.
Glasses £295, by Oliver ­Peoples and Adam ­Simmons ­Opticians, 020-7813 1234. ­
Earrings £124, by ­Thomas Sabo.
Leather Kelly handbag £5,400, by  Hermès.
Photograph: Nicky Emmerson

Silk headscarf £355, made to order, by Prudence Millinery.
Sheer poloneck silk top £575, and cream double-breasted blazer, £1,260, both by Salvatore Ferragamo.
Leather gloves £550, by Yves Saint Laurent.
Photograph: Nicky Emmerson

Photographer's ­assistant: Jon ­Gorrigan.
Stylist: Alice ­Giannini.
Digital assistant: Sean Geraghty.
Hair and make-up: ­Liberty Shaw at Frank using Sisley and Paul ­Mitchell.

Rosamund Pike stars in Hedda Gabler
March 22 - 27 at Nottingham Theatre Royal
March 29 - April 3 at Oxford Playhouse



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