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P&P Blog Exclusive: Q&A with Bonnie Mae

I hope you enjoyed reading my last two interviews: Q&A with Caleb Grusing (Mr. Darcy) and Q&A with Maia Petee (Elizabeth Bennet)!

I have one more that will hopefully get you more excited and interested in seeing this new  Pride and Prejudice (2010) adaptation. We can never have enough P&P adaptations, can't we?

Before we get to my interview with Bonnie...

Believe it or not, I got to know Bonnie late last year through Keira Knightley herself. YES, Keira herself followed this P&P Blog's twitter page sometime early last year. I couldn't believe it, at first. Keira Knightley on Twitter?!? I've read interviews of her saying she's not into computers or internet...so I wasn't really sure if it was her... but then, who knows, right? Lots of celebs are joining twitter nowadays. So, she might have changed her mind. I stayed in touch with "her" and one day she told me about a friend of hers whose an independent filmmaker and that she's doing a P&P Movie filming in 2010. She said and in her exact words: "FYI: I just read a new script for P&P filming in USA Colorado. No I'm not in it. My friend is the director. This is a modern version!" I was like...oh, ok. Do you know if there's a cast yet? She said, "I just got through reading the script, It's a modern version (Very good). As far as I know she hasn't done auditions yet. I'm not sure." And told me again, "It's a modern day adaptation. I read the script very funny!" She said that if I want to know more, I should contact her director friend, Bonnie. She said she'll ask permission and for her contact info first and will get back to me as soon as she can. Weeks later, she gave me Bonnie's email address and told me to contact her... So, to get this novel story short, lol...Bonnie confirmed to me...that she is indeed Keira Knightley and that is her only twitter page! So yeah, Bonnie and I have been in contact ever since...all thanks to the amazing Keira Knightley. :) I wouldn't have heard about this movie, if it weren't for her. So, thank you so much Keira (if you happen to read this! :)...)! Who knew Keira Knightley would be my original source for this new P&P movie? lol...

Anyway, without further ado, here's my...

Q&A with Bonnie Mae 

Meet the writer/producer/director
of the new modern Pride and Prejudice film!

Jeane: First of all, I'm so excited of you doing this film. I'm open minded to any adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. So, how did you get started with the the idea of doing this film?

Bonnie: I've been thinking about writing the screenplay for over two years and within the last year actually putting it down on paper, LOL... on the computer. I guess writers don't actually write anymore, they type, LOL. I'm a huge fan of Jane Austen and love her style of writing! I actually wrote the script two different times believe it or not; one with modern dialogue following the story line but not using any lines from the book and the other using alot of lines from the book, backdrop and putting modern day into it. I picked the second one but I still love my original. Maybe it will be a book, LOL.

J: There are so many Pride and Prejudice TV and Film adaptations (even musicals) that have already been done previously, the last one was just almost 5 years ago with Keira Knightley. Why make another P&P movie?
B: As a fan, I'
m always awaiting another version good or bad of anything by Jane Austen. I think many Jane Austen or Pride and Prejudice fans feel the same way, they want MORE! Can we really have enough of Jane Austen? I think not, LOL. I think that there is so many ways to make Pride and Prejudice that I think we will be seeing more movies in the future. I also wanted to take my idea of using the same dialogue mixed with modern day (which has not been done before) and put it on the screen.

J: What can you bring in your film version that is different (from previous versions) and new that will make Jane Austen/P&P Fans interested in seeing this film?

B: I think fans will be interested because It's different. It's period with mansions, castles and the books dialogue, but it also can relate to younger audiences because it is set in modern day with modern dialogue as well as cars and cliques (Bingley Women VS Bennet Women).

J. You wrote the script (and your PaperCut Productions company is producing this film) right? Will the lines/dialogue be closer to the original novel?
B: Yes, I wrote the script (I'm still re-writing and re-writing everyday, LOL), and my production company PaperCut Productions is producing it, Correct! Yes, the lines are very similar, most untouched coming directly from the book. The lines that are touched, it's because we wanted it to make sense to younger viewers or we had to put a modern word from phantom ponies to a sports cars. The scenes are also from the book, nothing has really changed except that we put modern day into the mix.

J: Can you tell us about the title and synopsis you'll be using for this film?
B: LOL! Working on it. You will be the first to know I promise!

J: Will the costumes be like the previous adaptations or will it be similar, but more modern type of costumes?

B: All Modern, except for the Netherfield Ball. I have something up my sleeve....

J: When will your cast meet for reading/rehearsals?

B: On March 6th, in Woodland Park. We will be doing a reading, taking post pictures and the hairstylist will be there as well.

J: Will this film be distributed to a theatrical release here in the U.S.? What about international?
Will they get to see this film too?
B: It will go straight to distribution as we feel it will do better, that way everyone can see it internationally as well.

J: When can we expect to see a teaser poster, trailer, and promo/production stills for this film?
I'm Hoping soon!

J: Will there be a soundtrack?

B: YES! I'm really excited, as we have had an abundant of  talented artist that have auditioned for the films Soundtrack! The music is going to be great. We are using up and coming artists. We are trying to get one song that I really want from a recording artist right now. I also found out some of the cast can sing too... LOL.

J: How many girls auditioned for the Elizabeth Bennet role? Was Maia Petee your first choice for EB role?
B: A TON and when I say a ton, I mean it
. Every girl wanted to be Elizabeth!! Maia came on the second set of Auditions (we ended having four dates) and blew the producer and I out of the water. She has a spark about her that relates to Elizabeth's wit and personality from the book. She was really nervous, LOL. I remember that, but there was something special about her that when she left the room, I looked at the producer and without saying anything we knew that she would be a top pick. There was another that came at the first audition that competed with Maia at callbacks, it was close, but we ended up picking Maia because she reminds me of a modern day Elizabeth. The other girl, I very much would love to work with her on another film (Modern Adaptation of Persuasion).

J: What about the audition for the Darcy role? Was Caleb your first choice?

B: Caleb was very funny and when he first Auditioned I thought about Mr. Collins but after seeing him again during callbacks reading with Maia, I knew he would be Mr. Darcy.

J: You've mentioned to me that you've met Keira Knightley in person. How did you meet her and what was it like meeting her?
B: Yes! It was amazing and she was very sweet!
I only had a chance to ask her a few questions. It was brief, so I wouldn't say we are friends, but acquaintances as she writes to me on Twitter. I only asked her two questions, one if she had a Twitter Account and she said  "Yes the one spelled backwards" and if she would read some of my script and she said, "sure" and that was pretty much it. Not too Exciting... LOL!

J: What did she think of you doing your own P&P version?
B: She didn't say until after I sent her some of the script. She said it was funny and she liked the concept and joked about being Anne de Bourgh.

J: You said she has read the script for this film? What did she think of it?

B: She only read some, as I was yet to be finished at that time last year. She said it was funny and she like the concept.

J: Have you seen all (or at least a few of) the P&P adaptations? If so, which one was your favorite and why?
B: Yes, of course, I've seen them all (I own them all as well) LOL. I actually Love the film "Lost in Austen" it was done very well. For the period films, I love
(I have a picture that he signed for me, LOL...see a scan of it to your right!) but the 05 was the best period version even though it didn't stay all the way to the book. I also love the newer version of Persuasion! I could go on and on LOL.

J: Have you read all the Jane Austen novels or seen all their film versions? If so, which one is your favorite to read/watch?

B: Yes, I have! My Top two would be Pride and Prejudice & Persuasion. I hope to do all of Jane Austen's Books in modern form!

Extra Q&A with Bonnie...
(Special thanks to Michelle aka Mary Bennet over at P&P Forum for 2 of the extra questions she asked Bonnie below!)

Michelle: How old are the Bennet girls going to be in this film? Are they the same ages as the novel?

Bonnie: The Bennet girls will be the same ages as in the book as well as Charlotte Lucas, Maria Lucas, Miss. Darcy etc...I have tried my best to stick with the book as much as possible.

Jeane: I noticed in Maia's photos, she has a short hair. Is Elizabeth Bennet's hair going to be short too like hers or will it be long? What about Jane and the other Bennet girls?
Bonnie: Elizabeth Bennet will have a short hair like Maia's, but Jane will have long blond hair as well as the other girls.

Michelle: Wasn't the Sanderson character from the 1995 P&P BBC Miniseries?

Bonnie: Yes, the Sanderson character did come from the BBC version. I wanted to use on this character to kind of give a hint of a period version, but I might end up changing it to James...

Links of Interest

There you have it...that concludes my 3-part exclusive interviews with , , and . Thanks for taking the time to read this (and the other first 2 Q&As). Hope you enjoyed reading. A BIG THANK YOU to Bonnie for everything...for letting me do an interview with you (as well as for all the scoop and news about this film, for sending me your photos and to share your Colin Firth signed photo scan here with everyone!) Keep checking this blog for more news and updates on this P&P movie as they are available. Also, Follow this blog on twitter and Bonnie's twitter for frequent news and updates!


  1. Sorry, but that Twitter account clearly isn't Keira's. Whoever is faking it needs to do better research.

  2. Can't wait to see it!!

  3. All of this was very interesting to read! I can't wait to see a new version. You are so lucky to get this info.

  4. whoa, that's pretty cool that you talked to Keira Knightley on Twitter! and that she liked the script.

    very cool and interesting interview. Thank Bonnie for me for answering my questions! :)

  5. Pretty darn sure that it's actually Keira. She posts things that a faker wouldn't...it just makes sense.

    No, I think it's her.

  6. No, this absolutely isn't the real Keira.

    The real Keira has been performing on stage in London eight times per week since early December. This fake Keira went to America for a few days in the middle of January.
    And that's just one example.

    The real Keira works every day except Sunday. This fake one seems unaware of that fact on a Monday.

    The real Keira refuses to say anything at all about her personal relationships in interviews. This fake one does nothing but.

    And so on and so forth. Very clearly a fake. And perhaps even set up to promote something.

  7. When will it come out! I want a copy!

  8. Thanks to everyone who commented. I'm glad you enjoyed reading. Thanks again.

    Keep checking this blog. I have an update for the title and synopis as well as the actor who will play Mr. Bingley. I'll have them up sometime tonight or as soon as they are available! :)

  9. Keira Knighltey has said herself that she does NOT have a Twitter account - http://www.celebitchy.com/46231/keira_knightley_hates_the_internet_thinks_twitter_is_dehumanizing/

  10. Did you miss the part where Bonnie met Keira *in person* and Keira told her that "the one spelled backwards" was the real one?

    If you are her friend and know firsthand that it is not real, I believe you. Other than that, though, skepticism just isn't in my blood.

  11. There's absolutely nothing here to suggest that Bonnie ever met Keira "in person". This all looks like a pretty pathetic publicity stunt. Unless you think Keira has no idea where in the world she is and what she's doing at any given time, I suppose.



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