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Filming Update: Rosamund Pike in Barney's Version

Here's an interesting article by Jacob Richler for macleans.ca about Rosamund Pike's Barney's Version film, which she's currently filming. It mentions Ros and her character Miriam.

Simone's take on Barney's Version

Well, yes. And later that very day, just down the road at a cottage on the shore of Lake Memphremagog—as it happens, just a bay up from where my father wrote the book—Barney would be marrying his one true love, Miriam (Rosamund Pike). But first, we were going to flash forward a decade or so: enter the future progeny, young Kate (Simone) and her brother Michael (Zack Kifell). According to the call sheet, Simone’s first, she would be sharing screen space with none other than Paul Giamatti, Rosamund Pike and Dustin Hoffman.

This impressed me but not her; she had never heard of any of them. However, in the car driving over to Serendipity Point Films for her screen test with Robert Lantos, I had given a quick backgrounder on the wonderful films Hoffman had made, as well as Giamatti, and then—digging deep, I let her in on something that I was sure would impress her. “You know what?” I said, “The actress cast to play Miriam—who some people think is based on your grandmother, Florence, once played a Bond girl.”

Come seven a.m., first assistant director David Webb had introduced Simone and Zack to Miss Pike—as he put it, “Hey guys, this is your new mum.” And they all set about bashing a shuttlecock back and forth across a badminton net set up on the front lawn, a game which on the immediate evidence kids play a lot more than Bond girls. The scene called for the three of them to be having a casual match in the background, while, in the foreground, Barney and his father Izzy (Hoffman) had a chat about life over Scotch and cigars.

Read full article here!



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