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Pride & Prejudice Quiz (#4)

Here's Quiz #4 ...

First check out Pride & Prejudice Quiz, Pride & Prejudice Quiz (#2), and Pride & Prejudice Quiz (#3) if you missed them.

Continue taking the next quiz below. Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on each of the quizzes posted here and let me know how you did.

Ok, now take the 4th...

Pride & Prejudice Quiz

31. Who said this: "Now if every man in the room does not end the evening in love with you, then I am no judge of beauty."
A. Jane Bennet
B. Elizabeth Bennet
C. Charlotte Lucas
D. Caroline Bingley

32. When Mr. Bingley proposes to Jane Bennet in the movie, what was her response?

A. "Yes, of course!"
B. "No, I cannot marry you."
C. "Yes, a thousand times yes!"
D. "Definitely, maybe."

33. Name the actress who played Charlotte Lucas?

34. Lydia Bennet runaway and eloped with whom?
A. Mr. Collins
B. Mr. Bingley
C. Mr. Darcy
D. Mr. Wickham

35. Kelly Reilly played as...
A. Kitty Bennet
B. Charlotte Lucas
C. Caroline Bingley
D. Mary Bennet

36. Who said this: "It's amazing, how young ladies have the patience to be so accomplished."

A. Mr. Bennet
B. Mr. Bingley
C. Mr. Gardiner
D. Mr. Collins

37. True or False: The film's U.S. ending was ranked as one of Entertainment Weekly's Fine Finales: 21 Movie Endings We Love.

38. Judi Dench played which character in the movie?

A. Mrs. Bennet
B. Mrs. Gardiner
C. Lady Catherine
D. Mrs. Lucas

39. Mr. Darcy is Lady Catherine's ____.

A. son
B. nephew
C. god son
D. adopted son

40. Who said this: "I thought she did not like him."

A. Jane Bennet
B. Mrs. Bennet
C. Charlotte Lucas
D. Caroline Bingley

(Highlight below to view correct answers!)

31. B 32. C 33. Claudie Blakley 34. D 35. C 36. B 37. True 38. C 39. B 40. B


  1. 31. B
    32. C
    33. I am totally drawing a blank! Aargh!!
    34. D
    35. C
    36. B
    37. T!!
    38. C
    39. B
    40. B

    This is very fun, Jeane. Thanks!

  2. Wow, Sharon, you have almost all of them correct...except for one. Her name's not an easy one to remember or spell, lol.

    You're welcome. Thanks again for taking the quizzes. :)

  3. 31.b
    33.Claudia Blakely (cheated)
    38.Lady C

  4. Vee...great job except for #33 (lol!), but her name's not easier to remember esp. if you're not familiar with the actress, haha.

  5. okayyy...next!

    31. B?
    32. C
    33. don't know... pass! ;p
    34. D
    35. who's she?? i don't know! pass! xp
    36. D??
    37. really??? i guess yes!! xD
    38. maybe C
    39. B
    40. B


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