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New Movie Rumor: Carey Mulligan cast in “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps”?

According to Latino Review, British actress Carey Mulligan, best known to American audiences for her role (as Kitty Bennet) in Pride & Prejudice, is joining the cast of Wall Street 2, now just known as Money Never Sleeps (to be directed by Oliver Stone), the sequel to Oliver Stone's critically acclaimed Wall Street, as Michael Douglas' character Gordon Gekko's daughter Winnie Gekko.

If true and confirmed that Carey, is indeed in this movie as Winnie Gekko, she'll have a big role in this film and will get to co-star with another big stars such as Michael Douglas and Shia Labeouf.

Here's more info. of her character in ...

Money Never Sleeps (2010)

Winnie Geckko plays a major part in the story as she is the fiancee of Jacob (Shia LaBeouf's character). Winnie hasn't spoken to her father Gordon in 11 years while he was away in prison. Winnie and Gordon's relationship is estranged since she blames her father for the suicide of her brother Rudy.

Taking place 21 years after the events in WALL STREET and set in the world of hedge fund managers around election time, Gordon Geckko agrees to help Jacob get his revenge against a hedge fund manager as long as Jacob helps restore and mend Gordon's relationship with Winnie. Winnie works for a senator in Washington, DC.

Sounds interesting! I hope this is true. What do you all think of Carey Mulligan being cast (if true) in this film?



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