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More HQ An Education Trailer Screen Caps

Here are the next 83 (out of a total of 133) of the rest of HQ screen caps of An Education starring Carey Mulligan and Rosamund Pike, I've capped and uploaded to add here.

Anyone excited to see this movie? I know I am (even more after seeing the awesome trailer) and can't wait! It would be so interesting to see Carey on a leading role (after seeing her in a small role on her big screen debut in P&P) and her P&P co-star/friend Rosamund co-starring with her again and supporting her in this film.

Once again...

For those of you who missed the latest news/updates here on An Education...

Watch An Education Trailer here! Check out An Education movie poster's larger version here! And see several HQ Production Stills for "An Education".

More HQ An Education Trailer Screen Caps
(featuring Carey Mulligan and Rosamund Pike)

[click all images below to enlarge!]

Mark your calendars!

An Education in U.S. theaters October 9 [limited]



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