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Carey Mulligan talks about Keira Knightley and their film Never Let Me Go

The Daily Mail talked to Carey Mulligan about the new film, Never Let Me Go that she and P&P co-star will be co-starring and filming begins next month.

Read the article below:

Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley have developed their own sign language which may or may not be useful on their new film, which starts shooting next month.

The two young actresses played sisters in Pride And Prejudice and now they will star opposite each other in the film version of Kazuo Ishiguro's haunting novel Never Let Me Go, where they play students who are cocooned at a strange private school in an unsettling version of deepest Norfolk.

'We play best friends in the movie and it's the nicest thing to get to work with one of your really good friends,' Carey told me. 'It won't feel like work really.'

The two actresses recently had a 'getting to know you' supper with director Mark Romanek and their leading man, Andrew Garfield.

'Keira and I had a little sign language about what we were going to order, like "Are you going to have the fish?" and so on.

'We'll have to remember to speak when we're filming scenes,' she joked.

The story follows three friends - Kathy, Tommy and Ruth - who have known each other since childhood and who realise, much later, that they are being groomed for cold, tragic reasons.

Carey will play Kathy, the film's narrator , who becomes the carer for the friends. It meant that on Wednesday she had to start having driving lessons.

'When I was in Los Angeles, I would get around on the bus and people at the studios would exclaim: "You took the bus!" People over there don't even walk, so the bus was considered bizarre.'

Shooting begins on April 13, by which time the three leads will have met the actors playing their younger selves. They had to dig out photographs of themselves from when they were 12 to help the casting director cast the pre-teen actors.

Carey has three films coming out this year: An Education, Public Enemies and The Greatest.

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