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You know you are obssessed with P&P '05 when...

I've posted this in my P&P '05 forum and I thought I'd repost this here too (for fun) to see if any of you can identify or relate to the following...

1. you have seen the '05 movie (plus the '95 or other P&P versions) several times that you can't even recall how many times exactly 'cause you lost count. (*guilty* I've seen this movie several times than I care to count and the '95 mini-series about a few times or so, but not as many times as the '05 film...)
2. you never get tired of re-watching the movie over and over again... (guilty again! )
3. you know all the lines from the movie ('cause you've memorized them) and you know in your head which character have said each line/quote. (almost all here, but not quite...)
4. you speak the lines/quotes in British accent (even though you don't speak with British accent, lol) just like the characters do in the movie. (*raises hand...guilty*)
5. you've read the original book as many times as you've seen this movie.
6. you bought the P&P soundtrack (I did I loved it. It's beautiful to listen to!)
7. you've become a big Keira and Matthew fan now after seeing the movie, that you've start buying their movies on dvd to add to your collection. You have also followed their next projects as well as the other P&P cast. (Very guilty here, lol)
8. you spent a lot of time online looking for any P&P related stuff. (Yes, I sure did, lol)
9. all you think or talk about to your friends and family is this movie or the book.
10. you've recruited your family and friends to either read the book or watch this movie.
11. you've joined at least a few P&P forum/community online to talk about it with fellow P&P fans.
12. you laugh every time you've seen Mr. Collins' scenes in the movie.
13. you were disappointed that Keira and P&P movie didn't even win at least 1 Oscar award (out of their 4 Oscar nominations).
14. you imagine yourself as Elizabeth Bennet (or if you are a guy, as Mr. Darcy).
15. you wish you were Elizabeth and that it was you that Mr. Darcy was kissing 5x in the face, in the last scene from the movie.
16. you've at least read one P&P sequel books.
17. you wish the '05 movie was longer or that there's a sequel, so you can see the awesome cast of this movie again.
18. you have P&P screensaver in your computer.
19. you love reading P&P related fanfic stories.
20. you wish there's a special dvd collectors edition for P&P '05 since there wasn't much in the dvd special features.
21. you bought more than 1 dvd copy of this movie (or you have many different versions such as U.S./Canada, U.K./Europe, etc.)
22. you have seen this movie more than once in the big screen when it was released in 2005.
23. you watch it with subtitles on (the first time or a few times you've viewed it) because you want to know every line from the movie and because Keira speaks too fast most of the time that you couldn't understand what she was saying a lot of times. (LOL, I sure did here. )
24. you understand the book more now after viewing this movie a hundred times.
25. you prefer the '05 movie and its entire cast than any other P&P versions.
26. you can post all these reasons ^, all in one post and on top of your head... (Gee! I wonder who that is?... )
27. you created a P&P MySpace page for this movie or you made a MySpace page for a certain character (a favorite of yours) from this movie. Not too mention a Blog (this blog, obvioulsy) and fan forum. *guilty in all 3 counts, lol!*
28. you defend this movie's version when other fans of other P&P versions disses or think this version was the worst, lol.
29. You watch/download any P&P (fan made videos) you can find.
30. You've read The Darcy Saga fic (or rather read and owned Two Shall Become One: Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy by Sharon Lathan) or Darcy's Story and Mr. Darcy's Diary books.
31. you bought the 2-Disc Collector's Edition (DVD gift set) that was just released last November 13th to add to your P&P collection.
32. you've read the book or seen (or dying to see it) the 2007 film, Atonement just because P&P's Keira Knightley and Brenda Blethyn were cast in it as well as P&P director Joe Wright directed it.
33. you saw North & South (2004 BBC mini-series), and you can't help but compare it to this movie as they were so similar as in the lead characters Margaret/John Thornton of N&S and Elizabeth Bennet/Darcy of P&P relationship-wise.
34. you noticed tiny little things you missed in your first few (or more) viewings of this movie on dvd.
35. you love and enjoy this movie even more, the more you watch it.



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