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P&P from A-Z

Here a lil' P&P ABC for your entertainment or as I like to call it, P&P from A-Z, which I've compiled from my P&P forum and myspace group here.

A - Austen Jane (author of Pride and Prejudice)

B- Bennet Family (from Mr. & Mrs. Bennet to their 5 daughters including Elizabeth and Jane)

C- Collins as in Mr. Collins. Collin Firth (aka Mr. Darcy in the 1995 BBC Mini-Series of P&P). Charlotte Lucas.

D- Darcy, of course, as in Mr. Darcy.

E - Elizabeth Bennet aka Lizzie Bennet.

F - Fitzwilliam (see Darcy ^)

G - Gardiner (as in Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner, Lizzie's uncle and aunt)

H - Hertfordshire - the first time Darcy & Lizzie met in the first Assembly Dance the Lucases hosted.

I - "I Love, I love, I love you." (as Darcy ardently proclaimed his love for Lizzie in the 2nd proposal scene in the 2005 P&P film).

J - Jane Bennet. Jane Austen (of course). Jennifer Ehle (aka Elizabeth Bennet in the 1995 BBC Mini-Series of P&P). Jenna Malone (aka Lydia Bennet of the 2005 P&P film)

K - Keira Knightley as an impressive Elizabeth Bennet in Focus Picture's 2005 film: Pride & Prejudice. Also, Kitty Bennet too.

L - Lydia Bennet, Elizabeth's youngest sister

M - Matthew Macfadyen (my personal favorite actor to play Mr. Darcy on the big screen adaptation of P&P). Mary Bennet.

N - Netherfield - the place where Darcy & Lizzie did their first dance at the Ball.

O - Oscar Nominated Film (FYI: 4 Academy Award Nominations for P&P '05 including Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for Keira Knightley)

P - Pemberly, the home of the handsome Mr. Darcy. Pride & Prejudice (of course).

Q - Quizzical, as in Darcy's "Quizzical Brow" that Lizzie notices straight away when he made his spectacular entrance at the Meryton Assembly Dance.

R - Rosings - where Lady Catherine's estate was located. Also, the lovely and beautiful Rosamund Pike, the most beautiful Jane Bennet on any P&P versions, in my opinion, of course. Rupert Friend (aka Mr. Wickham and Keira Knightley's real-life boyfriend)

S - Simon Woods (aka Mr. Bingley)

T - Talulah Riley (aka Mary Bennet of the 2005 P&P film). Two Shall Become One: Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy (as in the title to Sharon Lathan's P&P related book)

U - United Kingdom where P&P tv/movies took place and filmed. Universally acknowledge (P&P book and tv/film adaptations of the same name).

V - Very accomplished as in Darcy's little sister Georgiana

W - Wickham as in Mr. Wickham, of course.

X - Xtremely passionate film (the 2005 film, that is).

Y - Young, rich, and sexy Mr. Darcy for all women to drool about (lol).

Z - Zinger (meaning a sharp usually, witty remark) as in Lizzie usually made zinger replies to Darcy's comments or to his aunt Lady Catherine.



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