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Most Unforgivable Oscar Snubs Of 2007

As the 80th Academy Awards fast approaches (this week, on Sunday, Feb. 24th), I thought I'd post here the most Unforgivable Oscar Snubs of 2007 (relating to Atonement, of course, and other movies I've seen in 2007 that were overlooked by the very same, old Oscars).

Here's my top 10 list:

1. Joe Wright (Atonement). He should've been nominated for Best Director. Why nominate Atonement for Best Picture (and 6 other categories) without its brilliant director (and 2 lead actors, Knightley and McAvoy)? Oscar needs to atone for its repeatative sins on not recognizing and nominating JW for this brilliant film. Not too mention, he should've been nominated for Best Director in his equally brilliant 2005 film debut, Pride & Prejudice. In my opinion, this is the most unforgivable Oscar snub of 2007 (and I will include 2005 here as well for P&P).

2. James McAvoy (Atonement) for Best Actor. Like JW, he should've been nominated for Best Actor in Atonement as he was brilliant as Robbie Turner. Also, I must include Becoming Jane as he was superb as Tom Lefroy opposite Anne Hathaway's Jane Austen.

3. Keira Knightley (Atonement) for Best Actress. Though her role as Cecilia Tallis in Atonement didn't have much screen time as her P&P role, still with 7 Oscar Nominations for Atonement, she should've at least been nominated along with James and Joe who were snubbed. Ok, I guess Oscar is forgiven here a lil' for the snub she got for Atonement, since she got at least a well-deserved Oscar nomination for Best Actress performance (for her iconic role in P&P as Elizabeth Bennet) in 2006 even though she didn't win.

4. Christian Bale For Best Actor. While I must admit, I haven't seen his 3 movies in 2007 (3:10 To Yuma, I'm Not There, Rescue Dawn), but he's a brilliant (and veteran) actor and deserves to be recognized and nominated at least for any of his films, yet he still haven't been recognized by the Oscars. What an unforgivable Oscar snub!

5. Amy Adams (Enchanted) for Best Actress. When you act and sing pretty good in the same movie, shouldn't you be recognized and nominated for it? It's ashame Oscars didn't have a Musical or Comedy acting categories.

6. Anne Hathaway (Becoming Jane) for Best Actress. I thought Anne was brilliant as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane, but of course, it's probably just my opinion. She was pretty good in The Devil Wears Prada, but she was ignored on that one too.

7. Irfan Khan (The Namesake) for Best Supporting Actor. I saw The Namesake and he was brilliant in it.

8. Vanessa Redgrave (Evening). While Evening was an ok film for me, I thought Vanessa Redgrave was amazing in that film. She was great in Atonement too, but she only appeared briefly in it.

9. Keri Russell (Waitress) for Best Actress. Waitress may be a lil' indie film, but I thought Keri Russell was great in. I enjoyed her in August Rush too. Glad August Rush was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song.

10. Nicole Kidman (The Golden Compass) for Best Supporting Actress. As ridiculously-not-so-good the film was (at least for me, lol), I thought Nicole Kidman was very good as a villain character in The Golden Compass. She was believable and was the reason why I went to see this movie in the first place. For me, the best parts of this film were her scenes.

What are yours? Feel free to comment and add your list too.


  1. I totally agree with you Jeane on some of those Jeane. Joe Wright was snubbed for no reason at all, and he and the Coen brothers were most deserving in the category. It truly is the most unforgivable Oscar snub of the year. And he should've been nominated for P&P!

    Keira Knightley should also have been nominated, It was such a strong year, I havn't seen The Savages with Laura Linney, but I would personally replace her with Keira.

    I'd also personaly nominate James McAvoy.

    Yeah and I still can't believe Christian Bale hasn't been nominated for an oscar to date!

    I'm sorry Jeane, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you on Amy Adams. She was good in Enchanted, but I don't she really was worthy of a nomination for Enchanted.

    Yeah, Anne Hathaway was good, and a nomination for her would've been nice, but she'd have to beat all the other performances out there.

    Yeah Vanessa Redgrave had a short scene in Atonement, so she really did'nt deserve a nomination that much, but if Ruby Dee can get one for her 5 minutes, why not Vanessa Redgrave!!!!

    Haha, I personally wouldn't nominate Nicole Kidman because she was'nt worthy, but you're right Jeane, her scenes were the only good thing about The Golden Compass. Esp, that one where she slapped her demon! :P And she did make a great villain!

  2. Well I really think that Anne Hattaway sould have won. And James McAvoy tooo, it was very unfair that he wasn't nominated. His role was very good, I saw attonemet a couple of weeks ago and I think that is a great film. I cried and cried but it was a beautiful story and James performance was brilliant.

    Thanks for this incredible blog sweetie.

    With kindness Bi

  3. Thanks for the comments JW and Bi. :)

    JW - LOL @ your Nicole Kidman comments. :D I agree with you about replacing Laura Linney with Keira as most people has never seen The Savages. That's Oscar (or any awards for that matter) for you, they often nominate movies you've never seen or heard of or actors/directors were often snubbed on their best performances (ie. Keira for P&P, Joe for P&P, James for Atonement/Becoming Jane, etc.) and then will get recognized and nominated for movies that aren't their best. Yet, we still love to watch and talk about the Oscars, lol.

    Bi - Unfortunately, Anne Hathaway along with James, Keira, and Joe were snubbed by the Academy Awards this year. I guess they're still young and someday, they'll eventually get their chance to be nominated and win all at the same time. It's just not their time yet.

    You're very welcome. Glad you loved this blog. Thanks. :)


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