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Atonement Wins 1 Oscar For Best Original Score!

And the Oscar goes to ... Dario Marianelli!!!

Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score
Winner: Atonement (2007) - Dario Marianelli

Dario Marianelli accepts the Oscar for best original score for "Atonement" during the 80th annual Academy Awards in Hollywood, February 24, 2008. REUTERS/Gary Hershorn (UNITED STATES-OSCARS)

Atonement may have lost 6 of their 7 Oscar nominations, they at least didn't leave this year's Academy Awards empty handed. Congrats again to Dario Marianelli for winning Best Original Score!!!

Dario Marianelli @ the 80th Oscars...

Here's Dario's acceptance speech from the Oscar.com site (thanks Liz for the link).

Dario Marianelli's Oscar ACCEPTANCE SPEECH
Well, that was a very long walk, it felt like. I feel like -- I'm a very lucky man. Thank you very much, Academy. I'm very lucky because I was part of a fantastic group of people that made a fantastic film. It's called "movie" because it's a moving film. I'm really grateful, above all to Joe Wright, the director, to have included me in this fantastic group of gifted people. I'm very grateful to my good friends for supporting me through lots of things, through these years, and my family, who I love very much. My girls, and my father and my mother. Thank you for passing on a very deep and strong love of music. Thank you.

Watch the video via YouTube below for Dario's Oscar Acceptance speech (with Enchanted's Amy Adams who presented his award):

P.S. In my opinion, Dario Marianelli should've won for his beautiful score for P&P, but of course, he didn't. I personally loved his score more in P&P than in Atonement, but he still did an excellent job for Atonement...so he at least won an Oscar this time. Very well deserved and looking forward to his score for the upcoming film, The Soloist (with P&P/Atonement director Joe Wright on the helm again).


  1. I yelled and screamed when they announced Dario won! I was so overjoyed!

    Yeah, noticed the soundtrack from P&P playing when they showed the clips for Best Supporting Actress. Is it really "Liz At The Top Of The World" ? I was so stunned to hear the familar tunes that it didn't register which tune it was. Hope I can catch the repeat of the ceremony on TV tonite (our local time ;-))

  2. Likewise here, Liz. I was so glad and happy for Dario Marianelli. He should 've won for P&P, but they sure made up for this one. He finally got the Oscar he deserved.

    I'm not quite sure if it was "Liz On Top of the World." It was shown so fast that I barely recall now that's the P&P score that I heard, but I'll have to find the clip for that category to hear it again.

    It's nice to see James and Saorsi there and they focused their faces when Dario won. I wonder if Joe Wright was there. I heard Keira stayed home to watch Oscars on TV, which explained why she was MIA or not spotted there at the awards, lol.

  3. It reminds me of Finding Neverland that also got 7 nominations, but only won mest score.

    I loved it when they played (if it is, I don't know either, Jeane :P) "Liz At The Top Of The World" during the supporting actress montage clips.

    But yay! congrats to Dario Marianelli! I'm so glad he won! and I agree with you Jeane, he should've won for P&P. I loved Brokeback Mountains' score, but his score for P&P is one of the most beautiful scores ever!

    I did'nt know Keira was'nt there. No wonder I did'nt see her. :P

    I also loved James and Saorsi's reactions to Dario winning. :)


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