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Atonement Cast & Crew FYC Photo After Golden Globe Win

Another credit and thanks to JW (aka Aliwal of our P&P 05 forum) for finding this interesting Atonement FYC (For Your Consideration) promo picture including the cast and crew watching and celebrating their 2 Golden Globe Win for Best Picture and Best Original Score for a Motion Picture (Dario Marianelli). Very cool eh? Imagine if they were at the actual award ceremony, but since it didn't happen it was nice to see them got together to watch and celebrate their win. Let's hope Oscar happens and it would be nice if they win all their 7 Noms esp. Best Picture.

Check out the pic to your left and click it to enlarge! (Did you spot Keira, James, Joe, and Saorsi in the pic? I think I did, and it looks like they were sitting in front of the television cheering. You can hardly see Keira, as I think she was the one wearing a black sweater and blue jeans with a converse shoes, but both her hands were up cheering and waving... while Joe wearing yellow shirt clapped behind her and next to her was Saorsi and James looked to be on the other side not too far from them. At least that's how I see the pic. How do you see it? Post here your thoughts in the comments section).

Also, check out more Atonement FYC photos here from Awards Daily website.



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