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Happy Mother's Day!

To my MOM and all the MOTHERS around the world!
We LOVE you and APPRECIATE you!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

(An old post worth re-posting...)

A Mother's Day Tribute: Mrs. Bennet


Mrs. Bennet and her daughters (the Bennet sisters) in Pride & Prejudice film

(Source: All P&P images stills by Working Title Films/Focus Features)

Memorable Mrs. Bennet quotes from Pride & Prejudice (2005) film:

Mrs. Bennet: "There is nothing so bad than parting with one's children. One seems so forlorn without them."

Lizzie [On Marriage]: "Is that really all you think about?"
Mrs. Bennet: "When you have five daughters, Lizzie, tell me what else will occupy your thoughts, and then perhaps you will understand."

Mrs. Bennet: "Now she'll have to stay the night. Exactly as I predicted."
Lizzie: "Though I don't think, Mama, you can reasonably take credit for making it rain."

"It is a pity she is not more handsome." (referring to Lizzie's friend Charlotte, while Lizzie responded "Mama")
"But Lizzie will never admit she is plain. (to Bingley) Of course it is my Jane Who is considered the beauty of the county." (and Jane added, "Oh! Mama, please!")
"When she was only fifteen there was a gentleman so much in love with her that I was sure he would make her an offer. However, he did write her some very pretty verses." (and she continued to embarass Jane here, lol...)

"...and then he danced the third with Miss Lucas. Poor thing, it is a shame she is not more handsome. There's a spinster in the making and no mistake. The fourth with a Miss King of little standing. And the fifth again with Jane."

"Oh, Mr Bennet! The way you carry on, anybody would think the girls looked forward to a grand inheritance."

"As you well know, Mr Bennet, when you die, which may in fact be very soon...our girls will be left without a roof over their head nor a penny to their name." (while Lizzie interrupted her by saying, "Oh Mother, please! It's ten in the morning." )

"Praise the Lord! We are saved."

"Headstrong foolish child!" (when Lizzie decline Mr. Collins proposal, lol)

"But Miss Lizzie next to her in both age and beauty would make anyone an excellent partner. Do not you agree, Mr Collins?"

"Mr Collins, we are perfectly able to keep a cook."
"Oh Mr Bennet. We are all in a uproar. You must come and make Lizzie marry Mr Collins, for she vows she will not have him."

Also, check out this funny scene between Lizzie, Mr. & Mrs. Bennet:

MRS BENNET: Tell her that you insist upon them marrying.
LIZZIE: Papa, please - !
MRS BENNET: You will have this house!
LIZZIE: I can't marry him!
MRS BENNET: You'll save your sisters from destitution!
LIZZIE: I can't!
MRS BENNET: Go back now and say you've changed your mind!
MRS BENNET Think of your family!
LIZZIE: You can/t make me!
MRS BENNET: Mr Bennet, say something!
MR BENNET: (to Lizzie) SO, your mother insists on you marrying Mr Collins.
MRS BENNET: Yes, or I shall never see her again!
MR BENNET: Well Lizzie. From this day on 'you must be a stranger to one of your parents.
MRS BENNET: (to Lizzie) - who will maintain you when your father is dead?
MR BENNET: Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr Collins, and I will never see you again if you do.
MRS BENNET: Mr Bennet!
LIZZIE: Thank you, papa.
MRS BENNET: Oh, ungrateful child! I shall never speak to her again! Not that I have much pleasure in talking to anybody. People who suffer as I do from nervous complaints can have no inclination for talking. Nobody can tell what I suffer...
And finally, Mrs. B and her favorite daughter Jane were talking about Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy...

Mrs. Bennet: "But she doesn't like him. I thought she didn't like him."
Jane: ""So did I, so did we all. We must have been wrong."
Mrs. Bennet: "Wouldn't be the first time, will it?"
Jane: "No, nor the last I dare say."



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